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Dan Dreiberg - The Nite Peep

Easter 2015 has come and gone and The Washington Post's (in)famous Peeps show has melted into oblivion with entries from "The Assasination of Peepraham Lincoln" to "White House Trespeepers." 

Between the sticky pages, the literary entries in Minnesota's Twincities contest featured "Moby Dick" and a "Doctor Peepenstein" video (hysterical and comes with a parental warning).

Fortune Magazine has reported on the marshmellowy phenomenon that sent "Hollywood  Director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, The Chase) to look into acquiring film and TV rights to Peeps. 'There is a cult of Peeps out there,' Rifkin said. 'People get crazy obsessed with creating these elaborate and hilarious Peeps dioramas.'"

But who needs Hollywood or national newspapers when there are creative people squishing through our own hallowed academic halls--plus we get to meet characters like the Nite Peep as he sits atop his beloved Archie ready t…