Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Are you sure college is right for you?

Here's a fun fact: "For every 100 kids who start college, just 25 get degrees and attractive jobs. Some 45 drop out, and another 30 graduate but end up under- or unemployed"--at least that is what Market Watch is reporting--and those drop outs and underemployed have whopping amounts of student debt.

Too many students may be "book ready" once they leave college, but they can't even accomplish the fundamental real-world applications required by their major. Take the example of the MIT graduates (yes, that's plural) that could not use a wire, light bulb, and battery to make a light bulb work. Yikes.

It is important to get a hands-on education--that's why vocational studies are so important in high school. Oh, you don't know what vocational studies are? Well that's because wood shop, bookkeeping, nursing, and auto shop have been cut from K-12 education. Did you have electronics in high school? Could you build a basic computer? No? Yeah, that's what I've been saying. You have been cheated because instead of framing out a room, or wiring a house, or connecting an actual light bulb to a battery, you have been learning about Ohm's Law.

And then what happens? You go to college, pay a bazillion dollars for an education, graduate and then can't find a job.
Even Google is starting to notice and "changed its hiring strategies after Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of people operations, analyzed their data and found no correlation between job performance and an employee’s GPA, SAT’s, or college pedigree. Google now considers an applicant’s ability to collaborate and to perform authentic job-related challenges. Now, they hire many new employees who never went to college."
And Google is your dream job? As a college student you need to consider what it is you actually need to know before you graduate college. What is it that employers actually want?  Do you really need to spend $100k to get the experience you need to land that job?

What is your major? Can you get all the education AND experience you need at college to land a good job when you're finished? What is your dream job? What company would you love to work for? Is a college-degree required? What kind of degree(s) do they like? What kind of experience do they want? Do you think you will be ready for the real world once you leave college?