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Tourists through Time

Have you ever thought about where the ancients went on vacation? Jude Knight over at English Historical Fiction has and its surprising where the first tourists with the time and money went for fun and adventure. People began touring as soon as there was some place to go. From Egypt to Mesopotamia people began to travel just to see new things like the latest pyramid or temple. Romans set up beach resorts, the rich headed up to the cooler northern climes to escape the summer heat and everyone traveled to the big city to see the sights. In Medieval Europe, pilgrimages became all the rage and these took on a religious fervor and devotion. Everyone wanted to see the holy land - and these trips could last for months, if not years. Accommodations could be found at local inns or abbeys and, rumor has it, that the Knights Templar acted as a security force for devout travellers. Once in Jerusalem you could purchase a holy relic or even something more permanent, like a tattoo. Rozzou

Google's Free Photo Editing Software is Really Free

Google's photo editing software 'Nik' is now free to download . "Previously priced at $149, the now-free software gives users access to 'seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities -- from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects,'" says Open Culture . I'm sure you're wondering what photo editing has to do with this blog, well, maybe not, because you should know how much I like visuals, and since we often write about visuals I wanted to offer you the Nik program if/when you need to do a comparative analysis. When looking at these two separate photos, what are the subjects of these iconic scenes? Sex, adventure, science fiction, body image? If you had to choose a second photo in order to do a comparison, what subject would you choose? Who or what would you compare with Marilyn Monroe? What kind of a photo would you look for to compare with ET against a