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Even STEM Schools NEED Art

Did you know that ART Department students from Cal State, East Bay made a film that was previewed at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival?  What?  With all the talk about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, you didn't even know CSUEB had an art department?  Not only does it have an art department, it has a GREAT art department, and as has been discussed on this blog in the past, everybody needs art--even scientists. Translucent , a short horror film by Justin Nunez and Joshua Folsom, won multiple awards from Campus Moviefest, including Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist, Best Actor and Best Cinematography ( read more ).  Moviefest is the world's largest student film festival and  Translucent's  top honors earned it the right to be included at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner for new filmmakers. Check out  Translucent  and see why it was chosen to go to Cannes. An excited Justin Nunez was able to travel to Cannes through a sponsorship from

Even Superheroes Get Cancer

When stricken by a deadly disease, the world's greatest doctors developed a Superformula to help Batman recover his strength.  After recieving his intravenous treatment, it wasn't long before he was back fighting super villains whenever the bat signal lit up Gotham's night sky. To a child, cancer must seem like some kind of cartoon nightmare they can't control or understand, but "as any good cancer doctor will tell you, the most important step in fighting the disease is believing in a cure," reports Buzz Feed who recently featured an article about  rebranding Chemotherapy at a Children's Cancer Center in Brazil. The cancer "Superformula" now comes in intravenous bag covers featuring the iconic WonderWoman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman logos. In addition to the Superformula, young patients can read comics about how their favorite superhero battled cancer --and survived.  Even the children's ward has been redesigned as the Hall