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The Top Ten Books of 2012

The New York Times' editors chose the best books for 2012 naming Chris Ware's Building Stories , a kind of graphic novel, as the year's number two book. Building Stories puts a boxful of anecdotes at your fingertips, stories you have to tease out from pamphlet's and puzzles, game boards and leaflets. This "erector set" of ideas was specifically designed to foil any attempt at reading on an iPad or computer. The reader has to unsnarl the memories of a few different protagonists to deduce their story as presented by a few collected bits and pieces. Do you have a scrap book or memory box at home? If you went through the memories you've collected--old newspaper clippings, tickets to sporting events or movies, dried flowers from the prom--what story do you think the stuff of your memories would tell? Better yet, since the Holidays are just around the corner, what kind of memory box could you create for your parents, children, or significant other