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Self Storage

In chapter four of Three Cups of Tea , the reader learns a lot about Greg Mortenson's background from the contents of his storage unit. What features from Mortenson's background helps him fulfill his promise to the people of Korphe--his promise to build a school for the village children.

The Wrong Side of the River

In Chapter 2 of Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson loses his way and is rescued by his Balti guide who revives him with paiyu cha . After regaining some strength, Mortenson takes the path on the wrong side of the river, losing his guide again, and finds himself in Korphe where the headman offers him more tea and a place to stay. Describe an incident you have experienced with hospitality or the kindness of strangers when visiting a foreign place -- or a new place closer to home.


In Three Cups of Tea , Greg Mortenson goes to Pakistan intending to climb K2, "The Savage Peak", but as the title of chapter one suggests, he fails, or does he? How was Mortenson among the real heroes of the expedition to K2? Why would you make (or not make) the same kind of sacrifice, a sacrifice of a life goal?

Favorite Peep Movies

No. 1 - Peeps Attack! The world is invaded by Peeptians with irresistible weapons and a squishy sense of humor. It seems nothing can stop the evil Peeps. But a teenager from Kansas discovers the frequency of Slim Whitman's yodeling in Peep Love Call explodes the green marshmallow chicks. No. 2 - Peepbusters The evil Gozer transforms into the Stay Puft Bunny Man to terrorize Peep City. What can the Peepbusters do to stop his gooey rampage? Cross their proton pack streams to explode the giant bunny, causing molten marshmallow to rain down on the surrounding skyscrapers. What's your favorite peeps movie?