Sunday, August 9, 2009

Favorite Peep Movies

No. 1 - Peeps Attack!

The world is invaded by Peeptians with irresistible weapons and a squishy sense of humor. It seems nothing can stop the evil Peeps. But a teenager from Kansas discovers the frequency of Slim Whitman's yodeling in Peep Love Call explodes the green marshmallow chicks.

No. 2 - Peepbusters

The evil Gozer transforms into the Stay Puft Bunny Man to terrorize Peep City. What can the Peepbusters do to stop his gooey rampage? Cross their proton pack streams to explode the giant bunny, causing molten marshmallow to rain down on the surrounding skyscrapers.

What's your favorite peeps movie?


  1. Having just seen "District 9", I'd vote for "Peep District 10" - with 1.8 million peeps segregrated in shanty towns in Johannesburg.... except the peeps must be prawn-shaped, of course!

  2. As a testament to I Am Legend, I'd have to say I am Peep! Starring Will Smith the Peep, the last Peep that has not gone rancid. Rancid Peeps bent on eating the last Peep still within it's expiration date!

  3. As a kid my favorite movie was The Lion Keep but The Peep King was amzing. I love the hole good peep vs. evil peep thing they had going and the little innocent peep as king peep son. It had so much drama and excitement and I could not get enough of the silent arguments they had about who land belong to who. It was very upsetting when King Good Peep had to pass but the ending made it all okay when his son took over Pride Peep and got rid of King Bad Peep.