The Top Ten Things you Should Have in your Backpack

No. 1 is pretty easy...CASH! Maybe not $100, but enough to buy a BART or bus ticket if your car breaks down, a scantron or blue book, or maybe even something to eat. Do NOT walk out of the house with air in your wallet, make sure you have a couple of bucks.

So what else does Top Ten Online Universities recommend?

No. 2 - A Phone charger.

No. 3 - Ear plugs for power naps. Not ear buds to ignore your professor's lecture.

No. 4 - First aid kit. They make little tiny ones just for backpacks that contain band aids, aspirin, and antibiotic ointment for those massive blisters you get from your brand new "back-to-school" shoes.

No. 5 - Umbrella? Obviously this author is NOT a California sun worshiper. But for those couple of weeks in the winter, it's probably not a bad idea.

No. 6 - Energy bar. Yes, indeed. Don't go all hypoglycemic during class - that's a bad thing.

No. 7 - Disposable camera. I'm not sure if I agree with this one. It seems kinda redundant considering everybody has a cell phone.

...and that's where the list ends. I know, what about items eight, nine, and ten?

Here's my number one (and two) A PEN AND SOME PAPER! I am always amazed when I see college students without notepaper and a pencil.

I know how heavy a fully loaded backpack can be so channel your inner Sherpa and make your choices count as you decide what items you are going to haul around all day.

What things are on your back pack must have list?


  1. This is an agreeable post to think about. But in my personal opinion I would have some of the same items in my back pack but as well as some others too.

    1. I agree everybody needs to cash in their pockets for that special time in need, in case something were to ever happen.

    2. I also agree that everyone needs a phone charger, batteries in phones die so quickly now.

    3. Not ear plugs. When would I have the time to have a power nap? I would rather have my number three be a pack of gum, for those in a rush days

    4. Everybody gets a boo-boo but not enough for a first aid kit! I'd rather have space for my laptop, makes my curiosity easier

    5. It rarely rains in this part of California, maybe a pair of sunglasses for that California sun

    6. I agree energy bars are the way to go, great snack

    7. Phones have cameras now! No need for a disposable and have to go down to Walmart to get them developed

    the last 3 totally agree with!

  2. Leilani M. SaltibanOctober 10, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    The must have items that are in my backpack are pens or pencils, papers or notebooks, an eraser, my phone, my glasses, my keys, my wallet with money, my IDs, and my books. I need to have a pen or pencil in order to write anything down. I need paper to write the stuff on. I need an eraser to correct any of my mistakes. I must have my phone because it is the only source of communication with others. I need my glasses because my eyes are horrible at seeing far. I need my keys in order to get inside my house. I need my wallet filled with cash because I never know what I need to buy unexpectedly. I always have to have some cash on me just in case. I need my IDs such as my California ID and School ID for any verification that is asked of me. Lastly, I need my books to be prepared for class.

  3. The top five items I must have in my backpack are, school items so that I am ready to gain more knowledge while listening to my professor, my laptop just in case I need access to the internet immediately, my chargers for my electronics, my planner so that if I get lost on campus I can look on the back of it and use the map to locate my destination, and the most important item that i keep in my backpack are food or snacks just in case I get the urge to eat if I get stuck on an assignment in class.

    -Tre'Vonn Doakes

  4. In my backpack, I always need at least five things.

    1. My phone: I never know what can happen, so a phone is important for just in case emergencies.

    2. My charger: My phone is constantly dying and I always happen to need it.

    3. My wallet: It contains, my identification card , along with money and store cards that I use on a regular basis.

    4. My Pencil bag: It has pencils, pens, highlighters, sticky knows, a flash drive, and gum; they all are things I use constantly and I don't want to have to ask others for them.

    5. My key: I need it to get in and out of my room making it important to have it with me at all times.

    1. In my backpack I MUST have the following items:
      1) Wallet- My wallet consists of all my information. My identification card, my license, and money!
      2) Pencil Bag- Can't come to class unprepared!(Highlighters, pencils, pens, and erasers)
      3) Water- Need to stay hydrated!
      4) Hand Sanitizer- I am a total germ-a phobic.
      5) Gum/Mint- Say no to smelly breath!
      6) Tylenol- When I get those terrible headaches. School stresses me out!
      7) Chap-stick!- just because it is a necessity.

      With the list given above, I disagree with keeping a camera in your backpack. People get their backpacks stolen all the time and keeping electronics isn't safe. My backpack only consists of things that I use/need on a daily basis, without these things I feel insecure.

  5. My must have items would have to be my school supplies. Its never good to have your teacher call you out on that. Plus i like to make sure i am prepared either way with our lesson. next would have to be my cellphone!!! So i can call/text my friends to meet up. next would obviously have to be cash or my debit card. So I can pay for anything that I need. I would also have to bring my I.D. i also always carry my laptop around because i have long periods of time before my next class and sometimes t gets boring. I always carry a small little first aid kit because I am very clumsy!!!

  6. This post has good ideas, but I believe it is different for everyone. For me, my number one item is my cell phone. I need my cell phone for emergencies or if I am just bored. number 2 would be my wallet. My wallet contains my IDs, debit card, and some cash if I run it to trouble. Three would be some snakes, I do not want to go through out the day hungry. Four is some bandages, if I get a cut or scrape. Next five, six, seven, eight nine, and ten are school supplies. A college student needs paper, pen, pencils, books, and their notes.

  7. There are seven things that are crucial for me to have in my bag when I am on the go. My Cell Phone Charger because I am constantly on my phone either I am talking to my parents or waiting for an email from my coach with practice information. Granola Bar since I am an athlete I am constantly hungry and I also need to eat so I have energy for my upcoming practice. Water, hydration is a big thing for me especially due to the fact that I am from Arizona so everyone always had water on them just in case their car breaks down or a huge heat wave hits our town. Pen and paper, I have a crazy class and swim schedule so sometimes I don't have enough time to run back to my dorm to get all of my school supplies for my next class so I always have pen and paper on me. Polaroid Camera, I am what some may call a photo junkie. I absolutely love photography and I have a passion for old film photography and polaroid; this is why I always have to have a camera on me. My ID, since I am a college student I have to have some sort of identification on me at all times especially my school ID due to the fact that it is my key to my dorm room. Cash, always being on the run, it is smart to bring etra change and cash for what ever reasons. You never know if you need to take a trip into the city so extra cash would be a smart thing to have if your only for of transportation was the BART.

  8. The top ten things that I must have in my backpack are a notebook to take down notes in class, pen or pencils as writing materials, house keys , cellphone to communicate with friends and family, clipper card to get around the city, water bottle, a snack, I have to carry change or money to commute to school and back home, my phone charger and earphones, and a book to keep me entertained on bart.
    It is a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your bag just in case something happens. I also try to bring energy bars with me to keep me awake and alert in class and to calm my hunger down a bit. All the things you put in your list are good items too.

  9. It is true how you need all of these essential things but some of the items aren't necessary. A phone charger just takes up space, you can just be smart about it and charge your phone to full battery every night. And secondly the book, a book would just add to the weight you have to already carry. Since you are bringing your phone, I am assuming it is a smart phone, you can just read a book using your smart phone. For me, I do not like to carry a bunch of things I can prepare or do ahead of time to prevent me from having to bring extra baggage.

  10. The top five things on my list to have in my backpack are:
    1. My makeup bag; my dad always tell me to always try and look my best, and personally, if I do not feel my best, I will not perform my best. Maybe that is just me.
    2. All of my school supplies; if I do not have all of my pens, pencils, and paper I get very paraniod and worried.
    3. My wallet; since I commute to school everyday, I need to have my lisence on me at all times while driving. Also the teachers can check your i.d. at any time during a class and I do not want to get kicked out for accidently not bringing my i.d.
    4. Gum/mints; having nice breath is always a good thing to have regularly. First impressions are key and not having fresh breath might ruin it.
    5. The last main item is a reusable water bottle full of ice and cold water. I hate warm/hot water.

    -Alexa McDougal

  11. My top ten things in my backpack are:
    1. Pencils/pens (To write down important things while in class)

    2. Food/Drink (In case i get hungry or thirsty during the day. Its hard to learn while hungry.)

    3. Binder (To organize papers I receive in class)

    4. Paper (To take quizzes or other school related things that need to be turned in)

    5. School books (To be well prepared for class and the open book quizzes)

    6. Flash Drive (To save important files needed for class)

    7. School Planner (To remember what what homework is due or the plan for class the next day)

    8. I-clicker (To take tests during my G.E. class)

    9. Head phones (To pass time between class or at the gym)

    10. Note book (To take notes in class)

  12. The top ten things that I must have in my backpack is
    My wallet would be number one so that I can buy food or any materials needed for class. Number two would be pen/ pencils so that I have something to write with, without asking anyone for a writing utensil. For number three paper so again I don't need to ask for paper and I can use it for what I need. Books would be number four for class so I won't be behind in class. Number five is my phone charger so that I will have battery in my phone since I'm at school from 7am to 2pm. I have to say number six would be band-aids I would need to have cause I get hurt a lot and fall. Number seven my keys for my house because sometimes I need to open the house while my mom is getting her stuff out of the car. Number eight I would say is water so that I can stay hydrated throughout the day. For number nine I would say gums or mints so that if I do eat or get coffee my breath won't be nasty and stinky. Last but not least for number ten it would be a flash drive so that if I need to save anything for class, I can save it for home. These would be my top ten to put in my backpack.

  13. In my backpack I always have to carry these things:

    1. A cellphone: It's really important to have a cellphone with you because you might need to call someone if you need help or for an emergency like if your car died.

    2. Keys: It's important to have your keys obviously to get back home.

    3. Wallet: You never know when you might need a couple dollars for something and I always carry my license with me because you need your license to drive.

    4. School supplies: It's obvious you're going to need something to write with and write on so bring some paper and a pencil/pen.

    5. A mini snack: We all have those classes where you're so close to falling asleep so keeping a snack with you can give you a little energy to pay attention.

    6. Sunblock: Especially when it's bright and sunny, it's really important to protect your skin.

    7. Hair ties: All girls should always carry hair ties just in case you want your hair out of your face.

  14. I agree with one thing on the list (money). But a backpack should have more school materials then non school related items. Mt top ten items that i carry in my backpack are
    1) Money. You always need money to buy a snack or for gas/ bart ticket.
    2) My books and folders for the classes i have that day. You cant forget your homework!
    3) Paper and pencil. Going to college with out paper and pencil is not a smart idea.
    4) Cell phone. During my break or free time its helpful to have my cell phone and check my email for important updates.
    5) Car keys. Or else i wont have a way back home.
    6) Make up bag. Its always good to look your best.
    7) Gum. nobody likes to have a conversation with someone with bad breath.
    8) Wallet. Incase I need identification.
    9) Flash drive. For saved documents I need for class.
    10) Water bottle. Just in case I get thirsty.

    These are my top ten important things i have in my backpack.

  15. my top 10 things in my backpack are:
    1)pencils and pens because you always need something to write with

    2)drink you will eventually get thirsty and saves you money

    3)snack convenient when in a hurry and important as we all get hungry

    4)tissue important if you spill your drink or get a runny nose

    5)books teachers require them and are needed everyday in most classes

    6)cell phone charger as cell phones are really important now a days it is crucial to make sure it is charged

    7)notebook to take notes and class and keep schoolwork organized

    8)extra money just enough so that if anything in the day goes wrong you wont be helpless

    9)sunglasses to protect your eyes when having fun in the sun

    10)headphones to listen to music or have privacy when using computers at the library

  16. The top 5 things that I put in my backpack are:

    1. Pens/Pencils. I always need them to be able to write in all my classes.

    2. School supplies. So that I can be ready for class just in case for reading/quizzes.

    3. A small snack. I always get hungry at random times of the day. Usually I don't eat
    breakfast so I always need to have a snack with me.

    4. My wallet. I always keep my ID, cards & money with me. Just in case I need it in any

    5. Gum. I feel the need to chew gum all the time. Not only for my breath but just because I always feel like I need to chew gum. I don't really have a reason why, i just do.

  17. These are the top 10 things that are in my backpack:
    1. A small amount of money (in case of an emergency)
    2. Pens and pencils (to write with)
    3. my laptop (to do work in class or homework out of class on campus)
    4. Paper (to write on)
    5. A planner/binder/notebook (to stay organized)
    6. Erasers (to correct mistakes)
    7. Headphones (to listen to audio in class or music walking around on campus)
    8. Text books (to know the course material)
    9. flash drive (to save documents on)
    10. sunglasses ( to protect my eyes and look cool)

  18. The top ten things that I must leave with when I leave my house are similar to this list. However, my top ten is a little different.

    1. I MUST have my cell phone. I don't live on campus and having a cell phone is the most important thing to have on me. Whether I need to keep in touch with my family, stay entertained on the shuttle on the way to school, or check on Blackboard for any last minute changes for my classes, my cell phone can be used as a tool for these things and many more.

    2. Phone Charger: I need my phone charger just in case I have to stay at school late for any reason.

    3. My Bay Card: I need my Bay Card to be able to get on the shuttle that takes me to school, and if I visit my friends in the dorms, I need my card to check-in to the dorms.

    4. House Keys: I would hate to be locked out of my house in the cold when i get back home, so to avoid this, I make sure that my keys are always in my backpack or purse.

    5. Homework: I make sure that all the assignments that are due that day are in my backpack and all the materials (books, flash drive, notebooks etc.) that I may need for class that day are as well.

    6. Wallet: I never know if I may need to eat-out or may need to buy something at school, so I make sure that i have my wallet with some cash, my debit card, I.D, and medical insurance card because I am a bit clumsy and wouldn't be surprised if I someday will need it.

    7. Earphones: I never leave my house without my earphones. Music relaxes me, pumps me up, or just gets me in a good mood. So for any situation I may be in, or may go into, earphones are a must!

    8. Make-up Bag: I take my make-up bag everywhere I go because I never know if I may go somewhere after school.

    9. Deodorant: I walk to the bart station to catch the shuttle to school and back. On a sunny day I may need it, so I would rather be safe than sorry!

    10. Snacks: I try to save my money as much as possible, so I usually try to take fruit, trail mix or juice, so that I do not have to buy the over priced snacks on campus.

  19. The top ten must-have's in my backpack are my wallet incase I need money for any type of last minute transportation or purchases. My phone is super important as well because it's my main resource to get in contact with others incase of an emergency as well as looking up directions if I ever get lost. Iphones are alot more convenient than society realizes. Another thing I carry in my backpack are writing materials for class. A good friend once told me, "If you don't come to class with atleast a pen/pencil, what are you doing in college?" A super important necessity I bring are my books to do work in and study with. I bring perfume with me as well 'cause as a lady it is our duty to smell good at all times. A bag of chips is a must-have because between studying, doing homework, and being in class, sometimes you forget to eat and all of a sudden receive the munchies in class. My California I.D. as well as my CSUEB I.D. is also in my bag just for identification purposes. I keep a phone charger in handy as well because as convenient as Iphones are, the battery dies super fact. And lastly, of course I also need my house keys to get into my house to take a nap after a long day of school.

  20. Who really carries around a disposable camera these days? We all have iPhones, Blackberry phones, all those smart phones that can do everything, as well as take pictures! My number one thing to have is a cell phone. You never ever know when you might need to make an emergency phone call to mom, dad, or 911. Number two, is my wallet so that I can get on BART to go home. If BART isn't working, I better have some money to get on the bus. As for number three, everyone should definitely have at least one pencil. There is nothing wrong with borrowing one from a friend, but it gets annoying when the same person asks you for one every single day. The next thing we should carry around in our backpack is paper. We need paper so we can do our homework of course, and take notes too. Number five, always carry your "Models for Writers" book. It contains answers for the quizzes - bring it! Number six, first aid kit. First day of school I got huge blisters from my brand new flats. Fortunately, I did have a band-aid. Lucky number seven, hand sanitizer. I'm a huge germ-o-phobe. It's important to keep your hands clean because we touch so many things that have bacteria and nasty hidden viruses all over it. Number eight, Chapstick. I don't now about you, but I ablsolutely hate when my lips are dry. My Chapstick is always on me at all times. Number nine, bring something to eat. You know when it gets to being that time of day where your stomach starts rumbling and you're dying for food? Hot Cheetos and grapes save me when that happens. Last but not least, an iPod! When you're waiting for class and have nothing to do, whip out that iPod and listen to oldies. It's the best.

  21. There are several items that are essential to carry aroung in your backpack.

    1. Car and car keys. You cant go too far without either of these things.

    2. If you do not have a car, however, money would be the next neccessity. Whether for transportation or maybe a snack on your way to school, cash is a must have in your backpack.

    3. Cell phone. In case of an emergency it is important to have a cell phone on you.

    4. ID and/or Drivers liscense. Having valid identification at all times

    5. Lip gloss or chapstick. Can't go the day with chapped lips

    6. A writing utensil. You never know when you might have to sign a contract, write a check, or get a number.

    7. Gum. Very important to maintain fresh breath.

  22. Gabriel Armenta-RoseOctober 10, 2012 at 4:37 PM

    Although I do not mostly agree with the list above I do agree with some of the reasons that you should always carry a ID, cash, and pens. For the reasons that you never know when you are going to buy some last minute things. Other things that I would bring are my wallet, phone and a lot of gum. For the reasons that my wallet has everything I need and you can always use some gum no matter what. I would also bring my phone because I take my phone everywhere I go no matter where I go.

  23. 1. My iPhone. I never leave home without my phone.
    2. Money. I don't like going anywhere without money because I never know when I'm going to need it.
    3. House keys. My keys are always in my bag because I wouldn't want to get locked out.
    4. Gum. I am always chewing on gum.
    5. My phone charger. I leave my charger in my bag because I'm constantly using phone which causes my battery to die quickly.
    6. Headphones. I like to listen to music when I'm on BART or on the bus.
    7. Hand sanitizer. I use hand sanitizer every time I get off public transportation.
    8. Pencil and paper. I keep pencil and paper in my bag when I go to school.

  24. As a college student, i feel like there are some essential things that everyone should have in their backpacks. some of them are obvious but who cares.
    1)money in case of emergencies
    3)extra pens and papers
    5)extra paper
    6)Cell phone
    7)car keys
    9)Hand sanitizer (everything you touch have germs)

  25. I always bring a backpack with me. I carry things that I think are essential for my daily use. For example, I always carry my phone with me. It is the main way I communicate with people and that is very important. I also carry my wallet which contains my money and IDs because you never know when you might need to buy something. My house keys are also always in my backpack because my parents aren't always home to open the house for me. I also need my iPod and headphones. I always have to be listening to music. It calms me down and relaxes me. I also have my skateboard with me at all times but it doesn't fit in my backpack so it doesnt count but since I skate, I also carry extra skateboard parts like wheels and bearings just in case mine breaks. Lastly, I also carry a pen or a pencil and some paper for school.

  26. 1. gum, chewing gum helps me focus on my current task
    2. car keys, these will help me get home every day
    3. pens/pencils are super important, because I wouldn't be able to participate in class
    4. snacks, because I always get hungry throughout the day
    5. whatever books, folders, or binders I need for the current day
    6. cell phone
    7. water bottle, if I don't drink water or eat regularly I get really bad headaches
    8. general notebook, for taking notes or doodling :)
    9. chap stick, to be specific either EOS or carmex
    10. calculator, for my math class

  27. 1. Phone, I have an iPhone so I have a lot of things on my phone. I am always texting and you never know when you're going to need the internet to look something up or check on something for your class like last minute news. Without my phone I feel naked and not right.
    2. Keys, I need my keys so I can get into my car and into my house so that is a necessity.
    3. Writing utensils, you have a backpack for class so you obviously need something to write with, pens (at least 2 different colors), pencils, highlighters, you'll never know what kind of utensil you need so you have to have it all and be prepared.
    4. License, you neve know when you're going to need to show your ID so I bring mine everywhere.
    5. Money, you never know when you're going to have to pay for something so I always try to have some cash or coins on me.
    6. Extra paper/ scantrons, always need paper no matter what and scantrons just in case you have a pop quiz or test.
    7. Class papers, clearly you need the stuff for class to do your work and participate.
    8. Perfume, you never know when something around you in going to smell funky or if you walk by something funky and it ends up staying on you so you need to spray

  28. 1. My phone is a must have thing. It helps me to be in touch with my parents or notify me of last minute changes in my classes or entertain me in my free time.
    2 My Driver License and money to enable me buy food on campus or use services that require ids.
    3. Textbooks to let me study and follow the lecture given by the professor or assignments assigned.
    4 Something to write with and binder paper to take notes and copy important non-course related things. It may vary if I have my laptop.
    5. Snacks to take a quick bite of in class or during passing time and have the energy to let me get throught the day.

  29. 1. My phone is always with me. It is a distraction sometimes but other times it is useful. I can use it as a dictionary or contact a person quickly.
    2. Any sort of identification. I have my driver's license with me at all times. If I lived on campus I would have my Bay Card with me instead of my license.
    3. Paper and a writing utensil is important to have at school. Even if you forget your textbook, you will still be able to take notes.
    4. My textbooks. Most professors refer to the textbook during lecture, so it is helpful to have the textbook and look at it.
    5. A water bottle is always in my backpack or purse. Drinking water helps me clear my mind and take a small break from working in class.
    6. A snack. If I'm hungry during class, I will not be able to pay attention. I always have some food in my backpack.

  30. I think for sure money, a charger, are an absolute must! back in Los Angeles about 4 years ago an earthquake took out the cell phone towers and any data links at night i had to walk home from downtown LA to North Hollywood that is about a 10 mile walk, all because i didn't have any physical cash on me.

  31. 1. my phone always has to be with me.It's kinda distracting because i text alot but i still get things done.
    2. my college id so that they can identify me as a student and room key so i don't get locked out.
    3. school supplies like paper, pencils and pens so that i'm always prepared.
    4. my chapstick is a must have also because chapped lips are not cute.
    5. my textbooks when needed are always with me so i can be engaged in the lecture.

  32. The top 10 items that I will need in my backpack is
    1. Cell phone. That is one of the most important items that you will need on you at all because it has 100 tools in one.
    2. Money
    3. Driver License. I do not want to get pulled over without my drivers license and have to pay another ticket for not having it on me.
    4. Always need a bottle of water on you because you do not want to have to go to the store and pay 1.99 for a bottle of water.
    5. headphones to listen to music when you are walking around.
    6. cell phone charger just in case your phone was to ever die.
    7. a spare plastic car key in your wallet just in case you were to lock yourself out of your car.
    8. flash drive
    9. umbrella during that month of march when it rains like crazy.
    10. Last but not least snacks like a banana just in case you were to run into a talking monkey.

  33. In my belief, the top 10 items you need to carry in your backpack are
    1. Cell phone, I am always using my cell phone for all sorts of tasks. It has so many uses, especially with all the technology now a days.
    2. Money, like the article says, you never know what may happen to your car or keys and you need to always have a back up plan.
    3. Driver's License and College ID, never drive without your driver's license and always carry it because you never know when you may need to drive. + your college identification is very important to have during all school sessions.
    4. Phone charger, that way all of your resources are always accessible.
    5. Headphones, to be able to talk on the phone while driving in emergency and to zone out noisy hallways to study or sleep in between classes.
    6. Water, always handy where ever you go, especially if you don't know how long you'll be there.
    7. A snack, such as an energy bar or crackers and fruit, healthy and easy to snack on in class or in between classes.
    8. A flash drive as well as other school supplies such as pens, paper, and textbooks, you never know when you'll need to save something or edit something and if you don't bring your laptop every day this is a perfect back up. You also always need pens and paper to properly engage in all activities. + your textbooks will help you to further involve yourself in all in class activities and lectures and also prepares you for the out of class assignments.
    9. Chapstick and medication, I do not go anywhere without my chapstick, advil, and the other medications I need for my Autoimmune Disease.
    10. Always keep an umbrella in your car, especially during the fall and winter. The weather can be crazy and you always want to be prepared.
    There are 10 basic essential items for a college student's backpack. However, it does differentiate between one student and another.

  34. Things to have in a back pack must list are:
    1: A cell phone to keep in touch with people and for emergencies.
    2: Money for emergenicies.
    3: College ID which you will use almost everyday, especially getting in the dorms.
    4: Snacks so you won't go hungry.
    5: Drivers license, this should be in your wallet at all times but you'll probably put your wallet in your backpack anyways.
    6: Cell phone charger in case your phone happens to be dying.
    7: Needed materials for the class you are attending, such as books, pencil, paper, and/or HW!
    8: Water to keep you hydrated.
    9: Hand sanitizer to keep you potentially healthy.
    10: And last but not least, a daily planner to keep you on top of your game.

  35. The top ten things I must have in my backpack:
    1. My cell phone. I never leave w/o it.
    2.Ear phones to listen to music walking from class to class.
    3. Money just in case (wallet).
    4. California ID
    5. Phone charger just in case my phone dies through out the day.
    6. Needed class materials (books, pencils, pens, highlighter, etc)
    7. Chap stick
    8.My college ID that I need everyday for many things.
    9. Water or some type of beverage.
    10.Daily planner to write down homework assignments
    These top 10 things are daily items that I keep in my backpack and never change.

  36. I agree with the idea of carrying a backpack to hold your stuff in. Being prepared is always a good way to avoid looking stupid or stranded in the middle of no where. Money should be the first on the list but there are some items i can go without. The ear plugs are not really necessary to have and the camera is also one. If you want to survive you have to bring things you know will help you out. A big item u must have in your bag is food and water.

  37. What things are on your back pack must have list?

    1. I agree number one on my list would be money/bank never know what will happen or when you might need money.
    2. I also agree with number 2 a phone charger should always be in your backpack just in case of emergencies or if you need to look up a number....
    3. I don't always have time to eat so I tend to have fruit snacks or an energy bar in my backpack
    5. If your a girl tampons/pads because that time of the month might sneak up on you and when you do you don't want to be embarrassed
    6. Wipes, hand sanitizer and tide pens, I always have to feel like my hands are clean or things around me clean
    7. I.D. usually always have some kind of I.D. on me in case of emergence's
    8. Writing utensils, people are always looking for things to write with
    9. Planner, I have to always have my planner it tells me my whole schedule and when I have free time
    10. Sweatshirt, in case I get cold or stay out longer then expected

  38. Top 10 must haves in your backpack are:
    1. Wallet, always carry it around you never know when you need it.
    2. Writing utensils, you can't go to class with nothing to write with.
    3. Binder with paper, you can't go to class with nothing to write on.
    4. Books, don't forget your books that is needed for your classes.
    5. Water, in case you get thirsty during the day.
    6. Snacks, you might get hungry during class.
    7. Hand-sanitizer. You'll never know what you'll end up touching, whether it be clean or not. You don't know what happened to the items you touched and who touched it before you did. Sanitize your hands!
    8. If you are a girl, pads/tampons, you never know when the time of the month will come or if someone else needs it.
    9. Pepper spray, self-defense. Protect yourself from creepy people.
    10. Chapstick! You don't want chapped lips now, do you?

  39. Top 10 must haves in your backpack:
    1. Money, never go any ware with out a little cash.
    2. First aid kit, I am always in need of a band aid, and hurting my self.
    3. Pens and pencils, you need these for class.
    4. Gum, coffee breath is not exactly pleasant.
    5. Snacks, I am always forgetting to eat breakfast, so the snacks come in handy.
    6. Tissues, You got an issue? Use a tissue.
    7. Ipod, sometimes you just need to tune out on the way to class.
    8. Cell Phone, why would you ever leave the house with out it?
    9. Keys, again these are important you can't leave the house without them.
    10. Chapstick, this really comes in handy in those cold and dry seasons.

  40. I think that everyone keeps different things in their backpacks, but I think the most important 10 items should be:

    1- Money or credit card, because you will always need it
    2- Laptop, beacuse you can be updated and conneted
    3- Cell phone and charger, it is one of the most important thinks so if anything happened you can call and get help
    4- Food or some snacks, if your hungry they will help
    5- Extra clothes, incase something happened to your and a jacket or a sweater.
    6- Water to keep us from dehydration
    7- Comfortable shoes, specially for girls
    8- Pain relief tablets, for head aches or stomach ache
    9- Books, pencils, note books
    10- If you are a girl you need some girl things like pads, make up and stuff like

  41. Every one is different, but these are probably essential items to keep with you at all times while at school:

    1- Pen, paper, pencil, calculator, and notebooks
    2- Text books for whatever class(es) you have that day
    3- Money for food, school supplies, or whatever else
    4- Gum (for your peers!)
    5- Cellphone.. Because it is 2012
    6- Snacks, because we all love food
    7- Energy drink, water, power drink, juice, coffee, etc.
    8- Keys to your house or car
    9- ID Card just in case
    10- Headphones for when you don't feel like associating with the world that morning, day, or night (haha)

  42. I actually agree with this article. Mostly all the the things they listed as a priority of what should be in your backpack. Majority of the stuff found on the list are always in my backpack at all time. I always have:

    1)Notebooks, paper, pens, lead pencils, high lighter, text books for classes
    2)Money for food, chool suplies, and what ever you need in your day or emergencys
    3)Cell phone, ipod (mp3), headphones, cell phone and ipod charger
    4)wallet, ids, cards, important information
    5)keys to your home and car
    6)if possible food or snacks
    7)Gum is a must
    8)a drink like water, juice etc

    Depending on the person aaand what they value as a student and as a person, they will carry what they find as important to them to have with them for the usual and for emergencys.

  43. Top 10 must haves in my backpack are:
    1. My Cell Phone 2. An extra cell phone battery or charger 3. my wallet with my chase card 4. A snack 5. Some water 6. my make-up bag with all my lotion & lip gloss, etc. 7. A mirror 8. My i.d/driver's liscense car keys 10. a pen/notebook

    This is my list based on who I am and what I enjoy. I did not just put stuff on the list so i could just make 10 things i carry. I actually do carry these things around with me everywhere i go and if i don't i feel in complete, especially without my phone, make up bag or food.

  44. There are numerous things needed in a back pack. Here's my list of needs.

    1) I completely agree with. We do need a little bit of money in our pockets for those unexpected things that come up through out the day.

    2) I agree with a phone charger as well. Batteries do tend to die faster now with the smart phones.

    3) No one has time for power naps. I would rather have my house keys for this one.

    4) There are rare occasions we need a band aid. Why not carry a couple pencils and pens instead.

    5) I agree with having an umbrella for those unexpected rainy days in California.

    6) It's always good to carry a snack on you on those busy days. I don't always have time to eat before leaving home sometimes.

    7) I don't agree with carrying a disposable camera, almost everyone has a smart phone. I would rather carry my water bottle on me.

    I completely agree with the last 3 items.

  45. I would always carry a water bottle with me. Gum is always important to have, however I can go days without needing a hair brush. I rarely have bad hair days. A flare is good to have in an emergency and a bottle of Febreze is good just in case the guy next to me on the bus smells really bad. Nunchucks are good to carry if ninjas ever attack me and I always carry some form of identification.

  46. Now a days, I ALWAYS need to have my planner! I write homework assignments but also school events and my chores. I always check that at night to make sure I don't forget to do things so I'm constantly writing in it all day. I catch the BART and shuttle to school so I always need my bay card. Plus I keep some change on my bay card just in case I need to print at the library. Another have-to-have thing for me is gum! Whether its because I just ate and don't want bad breath or I just need something to chew on during the day. I always try and have a pack of gum in my back pack.

  47. In my back pack I can choose to carry my whole room if I wanted to. I have narrowed it down to 10 key essentials.

    1) house keys because if I don't then how am I suppose to get back inside?

    2) my cell phone because I have a lot of very important information on there.

    3) Enough money to buy some food or something to drink.

    4) A nice refreshing water bottle to quench my thirst and prevent myself from dehydrating.

    5) a nice snack to eat when i am walking home or between classes on a long day.

    6) some coins for vending machines, it also helps with keeping dollar bills in my wallet.

    7) An extra shirt just in case i decide to do something active or workout.

    8) hand sanitizer to keep my sanitation nice and clean.

    9) a pen to write with.

    10) some paper so i can write my brilliant ideas on.

    these are my top 10 materials i keep in my backpack.

  48. Things i Must carry with me in my backpack:

    -My wallet
    -Car Keys
    -Water! (A must have)

    In My Car (Where i have more backup things)
    -Back up clothes
    -First aid
    -more water
    -extra everything

  49. The top ten things i must have in my backpacka are:

    1)I would have to have my house keys in order to get back in my house.
    2)My cars keys
    3)The most important thing i would have to have in my backpack would be money, to buy things.
    4)I would also put Coin in my backpack for vendi machines or parking meter
    5)Tissue paper
    6)My note books and text books
    7)Snack to eat
    8)My id card
    9)Hand sanitizer to stay clean
    10)And last but not least would be my phone, with out it i feel naked.

  50. well I always have back pack with me when I go out. You never know that you could be in problem and there are certain things that could be handy. My top 10 list is:

    1. my wallet and around 50 dollars in it. it might come handy if i want to buy something or want money for taxi.

    2. a note book and pencil

    3. first aid kit, in-case of injury.

    4. an umbrella so that when it rains it can protect me from showers.

    5. an extra jeans and a shirt

    6.some coins so it can help me get something from vending machine.

    7. my sun glasses, so I can wear them in the morning.

    8. I would also keep sun block, that would help me protecting my skin.

    9. A stain remover pen, so if food spill over my clothes I can clean it.

    10. My ipod so that i dont get bore.

    these are my top 10 things that i would always carry with me.

  51. When I use to take the Bart and County Connection to commute to school, I always use to have a zip lock full of coins in my bag for the fare. Now a days I just keep most of my school essentials, like my text books and note books, in my car. I only take with me the text book and note book I need when I go to class.

    The constant things that are in bag are:
    1. My graphing calculator, for calculating.
    2. Pencils, more than one just in case.
    3. Paper, from a note book.
    4. Inhaler, for when I have an asthma attack.
    5. There also seems to be trash in my bag, not that I want trash there.

    The Things that I need in my bag but aren't in it.
    1. Phone Charger, my phone has die on me so many times, specially when I needed it the most.
    2. Money, I need money everywhere.
    3. Food, so I don't have to spend my allowance on McDonalds and subway.
    4. Ear phones, for when I'm bored waiting in between classes.
    5. Focus, if only focus was something I could pack in my bag.

  52. Things that are in my back are:

    1. 5-Tab Organizer ~ So that I can keep all my classwork, notes, etc. organized for each class.

    2. One to two textbooks for the classes that I have for the day.

    3. Water bottle

    4. Pens & Pencils

    5. STAPLER ~ This will save your life in college! When I first started college I always asked my classmates if I can use there stapler because I always forgot to stple my essays.

    6. Earphones ~ One of my motivational items.

    7. MacBook

    I always try to keep my backpack light and easy to carry.

  53. In high school I did have with me a couple of items that I always had to carry around cause I thought they were crucial. But now that I'm at college I don't carry as much stuff as I did before. The top things that are in my backpack are:
    1. Water bottle: I use water to stay awake in class and to avoid from getting out of the classroom
    2. Inhaler: I have asthma so its important for me to carry my inhaler at all times
    3. Agenda: i'm a very organized person and like to write down everything from the times I have meetings to the amount of money I spent that day. it just helps me manage my time and money better.
    4. Paper and Pen: For school i make sure I always carry paper and pen. It feels very uncomfortable to go to class without these materials and later have to ask someone else for them
    5. My Bay Card along with my California ID: A form of identification is very important to carry around with you at all times so I make sure I have with me some sort of identification
    Money I do not carry with me because since I live on campus I do not really see the necessity to carry money when I have flex dollars I can spend. Now in my purse, to go out to other non school related activities, I have a separate set of necessary essentials. I used to carry a lot of stuff in high school and my backpack was so big I hit people without even knowing it so right now I'm happy to have a very light weight backpack.

  54. In my carry-everywhere backpack I have:
    1) A cell phone charger
    2) Band Aids
    3) Wipes
    4) 5 Hour-Energy
    5) Ethernet Cable
    6) Laptop Charger
    7) Utility Knife

    Emergency Bag in Car:
    1) Undisclosed amount of cash
    2) Bandages and Gauze
    3) Antiseptic
    4) Emergency Blanket
    5) Emergency Hammer
    6) Knife
    7) 50ft of 550 cord (military grade rope)
    8) 5 days supply of water
    9) Meal replacement bars

  55. When reading this article, it reminds me about a time where I went to school without anything in my backpack. The reason for that is because I cleaned out my whole entire backpack the night before school started. I looked like a total fool when my teacher asked the whole entire class to take out the materials required for the class. I sat there with a funny look on my face. My teacher then asked me what was wrong and I replied with a mumble. I told her what happened then showed her the insides of my backpack. She believed me and gave me a slap on the wrist telling me I should have it next time with no excuses. Anyway, it is always important to keep things that are always needed for school, hygiene and for emergencies such as money, snacks and maybe a flashlight. Ever since my incident, I always double check everything in my backpack just in case I do not forgot anything before going to class or a camping trip, etc.

  56. What things are on your back pack must have list?

    First of all, the first thing I have to have in my back pack is a pen. The second thing I have to have in my pack is paper. The reason that I have to have a pen and paper is because for me is really important to have a pen and paper because without a paper or a pen you can't not take notes. The third, thing I have to have in my back pack is money the reason why is because with a long day at school I need to buy food so I can get energy. My four thing I have to have in my back pack is some books that I need to bring to class for example, in my English class 1001 I'm required to have a book at class because for the whole class we just use the book to answer some question about the reading we need to read. Lastly, The last thing I have to have in my back pack is my ipod because when I have to walk to other class I always like to hear music when I walk to the other class.

  57. What things are on your back pack must have list?

    1. Notebook. A notebook is helpful since I learn and remember better when I write. I also like to write quotes that helps or inspires me. It benefits me since I can go back to the notebook and refer to it when needed.

    2.Pencils and pens. I need pencils and pens to write. What's the point of having a notebook when I won't have anything to write with? Having pencils and pends is really important to me so I can jot down important information since I tend to forget things easily.

    3. First aid kit. I like to keep a small coin purse filled with band-aid, alcohol wipes and first aid cream just in case.

    4. Wallet. I like to keep my bag organized. In my wallet I like to keep a couple dollars enough to get something to eat. I never carry more than $20 dollars. That's crazy! What if I get robbed!?!? I NEVER put any cards in my wallet just in case...

    5. Snacks. I usually like to bring some fruit snacks, and a granola bar. People get hungry. I get hungry.. I like to have a snack in between classes. What can I say? I love snacks, it's a must have.

    6. Book/Textbook. Depending on what class I have that day, I bring that book/textbook with me for reference.I like to read the section that I'm required to read so that I can have a better idea of what is going to be said in class.

    7. Camera. I like to carry a camera with me to take random pictures. Since I currently don't have a phone, my camera has been VERY useful. I've been using my camera to take pictures of important pictures, diagrams and/or notes during class

    8. Lotion.I just need it to moisturize my hands and face throughout the day. This is a must HAVE during the winter. During the summer, I don't always carry lotion around with me. It just depends on the weather. Majority of the time I have it with me.

    Out of all of these items that I have in my bag, my book/textbook, pen, and pencil is a must have. I learn best when reading and writing.

  58. When I leave home things i must have in my backpack is:

    1. My phone charger. In case my phone dies at school. I may receive important phone calls or there can be a serious emergency .

    2. A pocket mirror . Making sure I don't have any boogers or anything on my face or in case my eyeliner messes up

    3. School supplies so I am well prepared for classes. I never feel right asking classmates to borrow supplies .

    4.Water. It is essential for my health and well being , so I won't suffer from dehydration .

    5.Brush to keep my hair in place , nice and neat.

    6. Hand Sanitizer to kill germs I am in contact with everyday .

    7. Wallet . It holds everything from money to identification , to medical cards etc. This is really important .

    The ones that are most important is my wallet because I am always in need of it , My phone and phone charger because I love to keep in contact with my family and friends.Actually just about everything is what I need on this list to get through the day

  59. On my Backpack "MUST-HAVE" list,
    1. Chapstick. Can't leave the house without it, unless I want to walk around with dry-cracked lips.
    2. My wallet. I mean isn't it a given? I need my identification card, license, debit/credit cards, and my cash. My wallet is indeed my identity.
    3. Car keys. You know, so I can unlock and start my car, and drive around.
    4. Pens/Pencils. I don't like borrowing pens/pencils from people because I'm one of those people that never return it, so I like having loads of utensils to use.
    5. A snack. I always need snack, whether it be chips, a bar or candy; I always hear my stomach rumbling in class and I need something to get me through, I hate buying food from our overpriced school store.
    6. Powder/Blotting sheets. Oily faces aren't cute! I don't wear makeup but living in California my face gets super oily, so to take away that oil I have powder.
    7. Ipad. I don't like to carry a big bulky laptop around, and until recently I didn't even have a laptop, so I would always bring my mom's iPad. It's really light and does everything a laptop would do, if not more.
    8. Body spray/Perfume. Through out the long school day, everyone starts to smell a little, and I don't like BO, so I don't want to be that person that everyone thinks smells.\
    9. A necessity for all girls: A Pad/Tampon. I mean, that's life. A girl has to carry this at all times, cos you never know when Mother Nature is going to visit.
    10. Pepper Spray. I take the shuttle to school everyday and park my car at BART. If you're a teenage girl, BART is kind of scary, people are always trying to talk to you. By having pepper spray, for peace-of-mind for my mom, I carry to feel safe.

  60. There are things I absolutely must have in my backpack. Without these things my day would just not go smoothly.

    1. The absolute most important thing I need before leaving the house is my phone. It is by far the most important item I use on a daily basis. Sometimes I will need my phone charger too in the case it is going to die soon.

    2. My laptop doesn't go in my backpack, but it is a huge necessity. My lecture class is kind of big and the teacher goes fast so I like to have my own screen with the powerpoint I can control. During breaks I can get homework done, too.

    3. My car keys are pretty important so I can get home after school.

    4. My wallet with some cash and my I.D. card. You never know when exactly you might need cash since most of the places on campus don't take credit/debit. And your I.D. card because it can double as a debit card and you may need it to do certain things on campus.

    5. My pens and highlighters. To go with these I need my notebooks, my planner, my English book, and my folder with all of my important papers.

    6. Another necessity is my chapstick. Although I broke my chapstick addiction, it is an important thing to have around in case my lips get super dry.

    7. In the other side pouch of my backpack is my water bottle. I just started carrying this because I was sick of buying drinks at school all the time. This way I save money and it also causes me to drink more water.

    8. Hand lotion. Especially in these winter months my hands get dry. I don;t wan them to crack and bleed so hand lotion is a MUST.

    9. Headphones. ON the few occasions I do go to the gym, I need my headphones so I can watch Netflix while getting my workout on.

    10. Pepper spray. Since I have late classes and it get's dark, I like to know I have some sort of protection. Anywhere I go and I don't feel safe I like to have my pepper spray with me.

  61. Necessities for my backpack are...
    1. Lotion - I don't want to have ashy legs or elbows when I am amongst females.
    2. Cologne - I need to have a scent that tells people I was around the vicinity.
    3. Deodorant - I can't be sweating profusely and not have any antiperspirant handy.
    4. Vaseline - I always need to keep my lips moisturized during the winter.
    5. Toothpicks - I eat a lot, and I smile a lot. Can't have food stuck in my teeth when I speak to people.
    6. Nail clipper - In the case that I need to keep my hands and toes tidy.
    7. Writing utensils - So I can take notes and whatnot during class.
    8. Notebook - To compliment my writing utensils.

    Sometimes I don't even cary a backpack to school, but when I do, this is what I bring.

  62. i agree with you pencil and paper are my number one and two ideas to have. When im in class and someone askes me for a pencil and paper i think its weird. how do you come to school without the? the second or third i should say would have to be snacks i need food to keep my brain going.The fourth thing would have to be books for my classes. not coming prepared to class is a big issue with me personallly. when i dont have the books with me i feel like the teacher thinks im not responesable. the final thing would have to be my phone to entertain me during my breaks.
    -Angelique Gomez

  63. the top ten things i need in my backpack are:
    1. phone and charger- always need a phone, i check emails or if i have an emergency;it's always good to have one.
    2. wallet/ money- i need money for food, gas, or pretty much anything.
    3. keys- where would i be without my keys? locked out of my car or house would not be any fun.
    4. pen/ pencil- I somehow always need a pen to jot something down real quick whether at school or a message over the phone.
    5. headphones- I always need music while doing homework, or if I'm walking around campus i like to have music.
    6. gum- gum is always always good to have. unless you take it out during class and suddenly become the most popular kid there.
    7. chapstick- can't go anywhere without it. simple as that.
    8. scissors- sounds weird to carry scissors around but i actually find myself in so many situations where i wish i had them so now i carry them with me.
    9. mirror- being a girl, i just like to check the mirror once in a while throughout the day.
    10. band-aids- you never know when you might need a band-aid right?

  64. This is so fun! I agree with most of the items on the list, but I think there are a few things missing. Here is my list of the ten things that should be in a girls backpack:
    1. Wallet. This has your money for snacks or gas and may contain your school ID card (for priniting on campus.)
    2. Cell Phone Charger. My phone always dies and there are plugs everywhere on campus. It's always good to have a form of contact in case of emergency.
    3. Chapstick. My lips are always needing chaptick. (Burts Bees or Baby Lips to be exact.)
    4. Pencils/colored Pens. This is always soemthing you need, especially when on campus or at school!
    5. Notebook. Well, you need something to use with your pen and pencil.
    6.Brush. A girl, especially with long hair, needs to have a brush on her. It's very helpful on windy days and days when you want to work out.
    7. Flash Drive. This is how I usually save my work and presentations. These little guys come in handy.
    8. Headphones. I love to listen to music when I'm in the car on the way to school, when studying, and I use them with the computers in my school's lab.
    9.Planner. I love to keep my planner with me just in case something happens to the one on my cell phone. It's always safe to have your calender on paper not only electronically.
    10. gum. Chewing gum is an amazing item to have in your backpack. It can be a life saver!

  65. The top 10 things i need in my backpack are

    1. My phone - this is the very first thing i grab, i can never leave the house without this
    2. My Notebook - i always have to have paper
    3. Pen /Pencil - i bring enough just in case someone forgets theirs
    4. Headphone- i love listening to music while walking to school, its very relaxing
    5. A comb - hair isnt the first thing on my mind but im alwasys prepared for anything
    5. a beanie - weather in No cal is very unbredictable i always have to stay prepared
    6. FOOD- this is also one of the #1 things i pack before i add my school supplies
    7. Gum- its rare i chew gum, but its always needed
    8. My id is always needed on campus
    9. Phone charger is a MUST
    10. Agenda - theres always changes happening and i always like to b prepared

  66. The top 10 things on my backpack list are:
    1) Cash- I always care cash around with me just in case of an emergency because you never know what can happen.
    2) My Cell Phone- This a MUST HAVE, wherever I go, my phone goes.
    3) Notebook- I need this of course to take notes in my courses
    4) Pencil/Pen- I keep at least two of each at all times just in case I lose the first one.
    5) Headphones- I listen to music whenever I can, on my way to class or after. I have to have my music.
    6)Water-I carry at least two water bottles on me at all times, just in case I don't have a chance to grab anything to eat. My water always keeps me satisfied.
    7)Carmex- I need to keep my lips moisturized because of the many different weather changes.
    8)Id- I keep my school ID and other identification on me at all times because you never know when you need them.
    9)Keys- I need my house and car keys so that I can get in.
    10) Lotion- Just in case my skin gets a little cracked

  67. I think number one and number six and necessary and everything else can be altered. If it were my list I would say number one is definitely money. Keep a good $20 on you for some food, transportation, and/or emergency. Number two is to have pencil, pen, paper, highlighters, and all your folders, binders, etc to keep you prepared and organized for class. Number three is water, water will help you stay hydrated throughout the day and well as help keep you awake and focused. Number four is bars, bars are a great snack for you to have to give you quick and easy energy and satisfaction between your meals. Everything else is up to each individual. I also keep with me my headphones, gum, stapler, calculator, and planner.

  68. Ten things I would have in my backpack:

    1. cellphone
    2. wallet
    3. snacks
    4. aspirin
    5. girly things: makeup, tamps, brush
    6. schoolwork, paper, etc
    7. headphones
    8. school id
    9. charger
    10. something that will give energy: energy bar, 5 hour energy for long days

  69. 1. Folder with all of my schoolwork & sheet music.
    2. Headphones - to tune myself out of the world and sleep.
    3. Pencils & Pens - for taking notes or doing hw.
    4. Coins - for parking tickets or BART tickets.
    5. Snacks - incase I have no money for food.
    6. Cell phone charger - incase my phone dies.
    7. Nintendo 3DS - for when I get REALLY REALLY bored.
    8. Video Camera - you never know what amazing things can happen right in front of you.
    9. Sweater - sometimes, (especially in SF), it can get cold when you least expect it.
    10. A loaded gun - just kidding.

  70. The must haves in my backpack are
    1. My wallet because I need my license, school ID, credit/debit card and cash. It’s important to always carry cash since some places are cash only.
    2. Water – Water is a must. I don’t want to get dehydrated.
    3. EOS lip balm – This is an everyday necessity. No one wants chapped lips.
    4. Pepper spray – I bring pepper spray with me wherever I go. It makes me feel a little secure and you never know what could happen.
    5. School stuff – notebooks, folders, pencil pouch w/ pencils, pens and highlighters.
    6. Car keys/house key so I can get to school and back home.
    7. Snacks to get me through the day. I don’t want my stomach growling in class cause that’s embarrassing especially when the class is quiet. Cuties are my fave! I don’t like to buy food from the POD/bookstore because it’s overpriced and I’m a cheapo.
    8. Deodorant/body spray/gum/hand sanitizer – The hygiene stuff is very important. Right now, I’m taking an aerobic walking class and I sweat very easily so I definitely need all those things. Besides gum making your breath smell all minty and fresh, chewing on gum helps me stay awake in class. I seriously chew gum in every class. Also, when you offer a person gum, it’s a nice way of telling them that they have bad breath.
    9. Pads/panty liners – I mean, you don’t know when your visitor is coming. I always need to be prepared!
    10. Napkins – I always carry napkins because sometimes the desks I sit at are dirty or I just simply need to wipe my hands. It irritates me when people can’t clean up after themselves.

    I was going to put my phone on this list but I never keep my phone in my backpack because it’s either in my pocket or I’m holding it. But those are all the items that I feel I need :)

  71. This blog rocked!
    When I think about what can be found in all my backpacks I find:

    1. Tons of quarters. For some reason I can't handle having actual dollar bills because I will go into my backpacks and use them when its not an emergency.

    2. A pen or marker. I like carrying markers or sharpers in my backpack in case I need to get an autograph by someone famous. You never know who you run into!

    3. Safety pins! I am always ripping something or in need of a quick fix so safety pins come in handy.

    4. I always need to have a pack of gum or mints handy.

    5. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is a must with all the germs that are floating around now and days.

    6. Throat soothing drops always come in handy.

    7. Lastly, I like to have an energy bar or some sort of snack ready to go because I am always hungry.

  72. The things that are on my college backpack list? Well I carry a purse to my classes so I only have a few necessities in there.

    1. Sunglasses- I wear contacts, so my eyes are really sensitive to the sun.

    2. Wallet- I need my ID, Debit card and a couple of dollars for whatever I need throughout the day.

    3. Pens- Pens are seriously my writing bestfriend, I never leave without a pen.

    4. Key Card- I obviously need my keys to get into my dorm and so forth.

    5. Binder with paper- The most annoying thing is not being prepared for class.

    6. Water Bottle- I workout throughout the day and am an athlete, so I have to have water with me at all times.

    7. Phone with headphones- I am always on my phone, texting, tweeting, emailing and listening to music.

  73. Most of the items listed in this blog made it on my top 10. Here is my list of things that on my college backpack list:

    1. Wallet : Everyone should be bringing their license, school ID, and some cash.
    2. School essentials : This includes paper, pens, pencils, class books, planner, etc.
    3. Water : I usually carry two water bottles in my backpack at all times
    4. Hygiene essentials : perfume, lotion, lip balm, deodorant, feminine products
    5. Phone : This should be number one since I can't leave anywhere without my phone
    6. Headphones : I like to listen to music while I'm walking to and from class
    7. Snacks : All my classes have a long break between them, so I like to bring little granola bars and fruits to munch on while waiting for my next class
    8. Gum : Sometimes when I forget to bring snacks, and gum always does the trick to get rid of my appetite until I can get something to eat.
    9. Laptop : Sometimes I like to go to the library and do classwork prior to class. I only bring my laptop when I'm not too lazy to carry because it does get heavy.
    10. Gym clothes : When I don't feel too tired, I like to go to the school gym.

  74. Backpacks are an essential part of my life because I usually bike everywhere I go. Some things I must have are:
    Wallet- ID is a must
    Headphones- best way to past transit time is with audio
    Keys- I can't lock up my bike or get into my house without them
    A book of some kind- lag time needs some filler, I hate standing around
    Pens- inevitably I will be writing something down
    Sunglasses- the sun is out and I don't want to squint all day
    Regular Glasses- when you can't see at distance, life gets blurry

    Depending on where I am going I will pack different things too. School usually brings a textbook and a notepad. College simplifies the materials you need throughout the day. I always bring a jacket with me if it is even a little cold. Riding a bike with wind blasting you can be an uncomfortable experience

  75. My top ten items I always carry to my school with me are: Notebook, pen, pencil, Textbooks, Calculators, my cell phone charger and my laptop sometimes. Especially, if I don't have a pen and Notebook when I go to school, I don't think myself I am a student because I believe that going to school without a pen and Notebook is the same as going to war without carrying a gun. Not only when I go to school, but also I always like to carry two or more pens with me. And also I always carry my cell phone and cash when I go to school, but I don't put these items in backpack, but in my pocket. In addition to these items, I also carry an umbrella, but only during rainy season. For me, I don't our umbrella would be one of our top ten items we should have to carry to school because it doesn't rain everyday. I know that I didn't list ten items, but these are my top ten items in my everyday life.

  76. I agree with the list, but i would replace a couple of things, such as the ear buds for a power nap and the camera. Some people tend to bring things that they think are necessary, but they just end up being distractions.So i pretty much agree with the list, but my top ten things in my backpack would be; a pen, paper, books related to the course, notes or flashcards, a lunch, computer, headphones, a calculator, money and a first aid kit.

  77. I agree with this list about the top items that should be in a backpack. I always carry a tasty on-the-go snack, like a granola bar. The second thing I bring is an emergency candy, just in case a sugar craving comes on. The third thing is usually a water bottle with water in it or juice. I also bring some money; like a couple dollars, just in case I need to buy something. In addition to these items, I carry school supplies. These include; a notebook, loose leaf paper,binder, and writing utensils. Depending on the class, the teacher may ask us to bring our laptops to class. In addition to my laptop, I would need my charger to go along with my laptop. These items are essential to a successful day in class. One of the most important items, in my opinion, is my ipod shuffle. I enjoy walking to class listening to my favorite songs.

  78. I think that it probably is important to have some of the things that this article talks about but usually the only things that I have in my backpack are my notebooks some lotion and my cellphone. I almost never have a pencil or pen so I'm that student that would ask to borrow a pen or pencil and not give it back. I think what you have in your backpack depends on where you're going. If you're going somewhere far then you should probably bring a first aid kit, umbrella and camera. Still its always important to have money with you wherever you go especially your wallet and identification.

  79. Aside from the umbrella and disposable camera i for the most part have all the other things. The top things i usually keep are a power bar due to hypoglycemia myself and a good amount of change and/or cash incase i need to buy something. Other things i carry as well is a binder with paper, (you will be amazed on how many students in college haven't got that down) extra lead for my pencils, headphones for walks to classes, and a pen for papers or documents that require one. These things i carry at all times in my backpack for a typical school day because it is essential to my success.

  80. These are the things I always have in my backpack:

    1- Laptop and charger.
    2- Phone and power bank.
    3- Wallet.
    4- Hairbrush.
    5- Keys (Dorm key).
    6- My favourite book (usually the one I read at the moment).
    7- Meds (Just in case I get sick).
    8- Water bottle.
    9- Tissue.
    10- College thingy - Papers, pencil case, file (I only carry these when I go to class. If no class, these things are left in the room, cause I only use one backpack).

  81. I keep only about three of these items listed in my backpack. An energy bar? I'd rather have coffee or just food to keep me energized enough and not distracted by my stomach growling during class, since energy bars in my opinion don't taste very pleasing anyway. There are better alternatives to keep me awake the whole day. Ear plugs for power naps aren't necessary for me because that's what the library and relaxation room are for! It's completely quiet in there or, at least, quiet enough and I usually take my power naps there. I agree with the disposable camera -- those are a little outdated. I rarely take pictures at school in the first place.
    Money and my phone charger are definitely the things that I keep in my backpack at all times. More importantly I have to have my phone with me (because what would the phone charger be for?) as well as my notebooks and pens/pencils for class. I also always have to have my water tumbler in my backpack to keep me hydrated throughout the whole day. Some lipstick or some type of lip balm is also an essential. Wouldn't want to be walking around in public with some zombie lips!

  82. Whether its going to school, or going out with friends, I always have these items in my backpack:

    1. Phone. Having my phone with me is essential. If I ever needed to contact someone or if there's an emergency, my phone would be there for me.
    2. Phone Charger. If my phone decides to run out of battery mid day, I would always have the chance to charge it with my phone charger.
    3. Energy Bars. If I'm ever pressed for time and need a quick energy boost, energy bars are the way to go.
    4. Wallet. I never leave the house with my wallet in my backpack. It has my ID and my clipper card for transportation. Not only that, but it also has money.
    5. Pen and Paper. Where ever I go, I would always keep a pen or pencil and a binder with paper in my backpack. You never know when you'll need it.

  83. In my backpack I always carry:
    1. Phone charger: I am at school all day and I commute, so I always need to have my phone charged just in case anything happens.
    2. Chapstick: now that the weather is getting colder, chapstick is becoming an even bigger necessity for me. Dry lips always bother me and I can’t go anywhere without my chapstick!
    3. Pen/pencil case: I always need to have highlighters and different colored pens to take excellent notes with
    4. Paper: how can you not bring paper to school
    5. Make-up: some basic make up just for touch ups because I am at school from morning until night
    6. Snacks: these are a necessity- I always pack extra food because I stay at school for so long and I don’t like to spend extra money when I can bring food from home.
    7. Hand sanitizer: especially for when I use the public computers- EW, always so gross
    8. Lotion: you never know when your skin is going to get dry or when you want to smell good!
    9. Wallet: license, cash, debit card, bay card. I make sure to keep my bay card on me at all times because it really comes in handy for printing, checking out books, or getting discounts on food at certain places in Hayward.
    10. Planner/Agenda: helps me keep track of EVERYTHING

  84. I have a lot of things in my back pack which makes it quite heavy even on days where I do not have a text book in it. But I think that they are all very essential for my daily life, traveling to and fro school.

    I always have my wallet with cash and identity card/driver's license with me. Then, I have a pouch where it contains a packet of tissue, an extra battery for my smart phone, and several chap sticks with different scent/flavor. I also have a pair of earphones with microphone for hands-free phone conversation or to listen to music when I am getting from one place to another.

    I like to be well-prepared, so I always have my umbrella with me no matter rain or shine, as the weather may be unpredictable at times. I also have my contact lens casing and solution with me in my back pack in case my eyes get too dry from long hours of wearing the contacts.

    I feel less awkward whenever I use my own stationery, thus, I need to bring my own set of stationery that I am used to and comfortable with, especially with the "grip" of holding and writing with the pens and pencils.

    Lastly, I have a bottled water in my back pack, which helps me to quench my thirst and sometimes I finish drinking even before the class ends!

  85. I agree with these things except for “disposable camera” also because most people these days would just use their phone to take pictures. For my top ten list I have:
    1. Pens/Pencils- so I could write notes from class
    2. Folder- to keep my homework and handouts organized
    3. Notebook-where I write my notes on
    4. Wallet-to buy food, in case my clipper card doesn’t have money and anything that I might need to buy
    5. Small pouch with Kleenex, band aid, medicine (aspirin),chapstick, hand sanitizer- since I commute, I can’t just go back to my house and get (for example) medicine if ever I’m having a headache. This pouch basically have everything I need in case of (minor) emergencies. Plus, chapstick is a real necessity especially during winter time and hand sanitizer is handy when there’s no bathroom nearby to wash your hand and you want to eat (better keep those hands clean-atleast).
    6. Id/clipper card- so I can borrow my textbook in the library and for identification ( ID) and the clipper card because I commute all the time so it is a “must have”
    7. Snack and water- to stay hydrated and snacks in case I get hungry in class
    8. Glasses-I wouldn’t be able to see without them
    9. Phone charger- incase my phone dies
    10. Phone- I can’t leave the house without it

  86. Seeing how I change my backpack about every month from bag to backpack and vice versa, there are definitely some essentials that i always make sure to bring along.
    1. Paper/Notebook: You dont want to be the unprepared student who everyone looks at like "who comes to class without paper..?", because i mean come on, youre in school, its basically a MUST.
    2. Pencils/Pens: You always want to make sure you have both because depending on the teacher, you may actually need both.
    3. Scantrons/Blue or Green books: These are must haves when it comes to midterms and finals week. It also pays off to have these because maybe you forgot you had a quiz or test and you need one, you dont want to take the F just because you forgot a scantron or book!
    4. Planner/Agenda: This is a must have for me because in class as things like tests/quizzes/assignments are discussed, i write them in my calendar right away. This is essential in keeping yourself on track.
    5. Wallet: You never know when an emergency can happen, so your wallet is a must.
    6. School ID: Sometimes students have different places for their IDs, so if you do, it is a good idea to keep that school ID in your backpack at all times.
    7. Phone/Laptop: Whichever you use to access the internet. This is essential in some classes where everything is powerpoint because maybe you do not have the best seat in the class. This way you have the presentation right in front of you.
    8. Water Bottle/Snacks: Having water and emergency snacks is a must because if you left your wallet at home, you are out of luck, UNTIL you remember your secret stash of snacks in your backpack. No one wants to have their stomach growling in class and not be able to focus because of it.
    9. First Aid: I always keep a couple band aids and aspirin handy. You never know when you will be in need!
    10. Keys(with pepper spray attached): I have this on my list because if you take night classes and are a commuter, like me, campus can get pretty dark. And if you are alone, campus can get pretty scary. You never know what can be lurking around you, Better safe than sorry.
    These are all essentials that i make sure i have before changing my backpacks. They always come in handy and are a good starter pack for the beginning student. (:

  87. There are always things we carry then going to school. My top ten things that I always take when I go to school are:
    1. Pen/pencil
    2. Notepad
    3. Computer
    4. Food
    5. Hair bands
    6. Water bottle
    7. Phone id
    9. Band Aids
    10. Wallet
    All the things listed are very important to my daily doings. If one of these things are not I'm my back back I she to be100% sure I don't need it that day. Other than that I will always have these things on me.

  88. I'd say my top 10 things to always carry in your back pack is
    1. Pencil or pen
    2. paper
    3. phone charger
    4. tampons
    5. medicine like advil or pep bismol for sick days
    6. gum
    7. a snack
    8. calculator
    9. a book to read when your bored
    10. chapstick

  89. Here are some things I have in my good old trusty back breaker.

    1. Paper: Honestly, not having paper in your backpack is like not having pencil. Nobody wants to be unprepared for class and ask for paper every other day.

    2. Snacks: Whether it's a Fiber One bar or Gatorade, when you're sitting in two hour long lecture halls back to back, you're bound to be starving at some point. Even if you don't have time to eat t, you can eat on the way home to refresh your brain for that five page essay due tomorrow.

    3. Cash: While I haven't been spending throughout my school year, I'm sure that carrying five or ten dollars is good enough for a decent snack or more supplies. Just don't chase down an ice cream truck for a chili dog.

    4. Books: Everyone needs a book in that backpack. Even that boring history textbook that cost you your birthday money. Got nothing to do before class? Read a comic book. Like the Avengers or Spiderman...Or even Deadpool.

    5. Phone: This one should be pretty obvious. Always carry that phone with you. Order some Domino's, call a friend, call your parents to pick you up at a rainy bus stop. Just don't text in class. Bring that charger just in case.

    6. Cleaning Supplies: Raise your hand if you like your hands to be clean...Okay. Good. I'm sure I saw one hand in here. I'm sure nobody likes that really weird feeling on their hands after hours of not washing them. It's good to bring some hand sanitizer or even rubber gloves.

    7. Binder: Also self explanatory. Keeps your papers organized so you won't spend a forever and half looking for that pesky homework assignment due in three seconds.

    8. Extra Socks: You thought this list was for an average backpack? Even if it won't apply on a regular basis, extra socks are to not stink up the class after soccer practise or to not dirty up your fresh clean socks before dance class.

    9. Pencil or Pen: The world's most common thing in anyone's backpack.Who knew that a couple of graphite filled sticks could go a long way?

    10. Paper: Yeah. I know. I said paper twice in this list. It's that important. You never know when everyone starts asking you and you alone for paper.

  90. Depending on your class schedule, you may find yourself spending hours away from your dorm room or apartment. There are things that you should never leave behind:
    1. Laptop
    2. Notebook
    3. Books for the class
    4. Planner
    5. Pens, pencils, highlighters
    6. Lip balm, lotion, and tissues
    7. Water bottle and a granola bar
    8. Headphones and chargers
    9. Keys
    10. Cell phone
    11. Read more at:

  91. Pencil and paper. I try to live a life that requires attachment to as little physical items as possible, and these items feel like the only things I "must have" to succeed on a day in class. Honestly, I wish one could eradicate cell phones off the list of things that we "must have" when leaving the house as I feel that they really do interfere with the mindfulness required to absorb a class entirely. Maybe if students like me began to re-assess those items on their "must have" lists we would all feel more present in a learning environment. For example, I have never really been fond of computers and laptops as a note-taking platform because of the loss of connection with the information. Typing something out requires much less connection that writing each letter, and processing each idea as you piece it onto a paper. Writing allows a spatial representation that you create, which can make relearning or reviewing information for quizzes and tests a much easier task. Maybe I am just feeling a little nostalgic for the days when all was simpler, or maybe I need to catch up on the times. But leaving the house for class shouldn't feel make you feel like a sherpa on a trek.

  92. For the most part I agree with topic because I myself carry some of these items regularly, however, I also carry other items that I feel are more important. These items include:
    1. Chap stick: Sun can dry out your lips and that is never a comfortable feeling.
    2. Phone/Phone charger. Phones tend to die fast and if you were in an emergency situation, you wouldn't want your phone dead.
    3. Feminine Products. Obvious reasons.
    4. Wallet. Students at CSUEB know how important their bay card is and also it doesn't hurt to carry around a little emergency cash.
    5. Monthly Planner. What's a better way to stay organized and stay on top of your school work rather than a planner. Also, never miss a birthday or anniversary again.
    6. Water Bottle. It is important to stay hydrated throughout your busy day.
    7. Pain medicine. No one ever likes a headache, especially when they're on the go.
    8. School Binder. You never know when you're going to have certain worksheets or class assignments collected by your professor, always be prepared.
    9. Pepper Spray. My parents are overprotective so I was given this item to carry on my car keys just in case I'm ever alone and feel unsafe.
    10. Paper/Pencils. Of course this item is a necessity for school, but I also love meeting new people and asking them to tell me their "Story." I believe everyone comes from a different background and since high school I've been getting lots of background information from different people coming from various different places. This is why I carry a pencil and notebook no matter where I go.

  93. 1. Money: I never know when I'm going to need to buy something or if something pops up that I need to purchase
    2. Phone: Always have to have my phone because I may need to contact someone or to listen to music.
    3. Ear Buds: I love to listen to music so this is a necessity.
    4. Pen/Pencil: I mostly use my backpack for school so I have to have one.
    5. Notebooks: Since I have a pencil I'm going to need paper.
    6. Water/Drink: It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day.
    7. Keys: My car keys are always with me because it's my transportion.

  94. I agree with this topic because it is important to have items with you in an emergency situation. So here are a few things I think you should have in your backpack or purse.
    1. Cellphone- It is important to have your cellphone with you in case you need a calculator, timer, camera, reminders and much more. Also if you get lost you can use your cellphone to navigate.
    2. pen and paper- you always need to take notes in very class.
    3. water- You always need water or something to drink in case you start coughing or choking.
    4. baycard- I need this to get into my dorm and eat.
    5. money- If i have my baycard I don't necessarily need money but I should have this if I go somewhere off campus.
    6. some type of snack- It is embarrassing if your stomach starts to growl during lecture so make sure to always have a snack.
    7.earphones- I always listen to music, it helps me focus.

  95. [Extra Credit] I agree with most of the items on the list especially number 1, cash. I have seen way too many students who only walk around campus or even go out only with their debit or credit cards. There is nothing wrong with using cards for payment but I cannot stress the word emergency enough! There is always a time that only cash would work but not cards or other forms of payment. I believe a minimum of $10-20 is required in anyone’s wallet. Number 7 seems useless now that most of us uses smartphones and can easily take high-quality photos. I would say number 8, 9 and 10 are tissue paper, a light jacket, and water. Tissue paper is straightforward when someone makes a mess or spill anything, even for personal use when you get a cold or allergies. A light jacket in case classrooms get cold sometimes or when it gets breezy at night. Water is essential, we all need it live. Especially in California when you cannot even walk around campus without sweating, always stay hydrated.

  96. I agree with most of the things on this list. Overall i'd say everything listed is a good idea. Only thing that i would add is water or something to drink. Also, i would add some other type of food/snack besides an energy bar.

  97. I bring credit card instead of cash...

    1. Wallet
    2. phone
    3. Pen
    4. water bottle
    5. Books to read

    I think thats all I need in my backpack! I do not like to put food in my pack. It will mass out the bag with the smell!

  98. I carry a bag and a backpack. I carry a bag when I'm going out which insists of
    1. Pepper spray
    2. Gum
    3. Wallet (Money, ID)
    4. Water
    5. Advil
    6. Napkins

    For my backpack it consists of
    1. Laptop
    2. Water
    3. Books
    4. Pencil bag & Wallet
    5. Little snacks

  99. English 1001-16
    To be honest, the contents within my backpack aren't there all the time. It depends on how awake I am in the morning.
    Ideally, my backpack would have:
    1. my wallet
    2. glasses
    3. pencils and notebooks
    4. any textbook I'll need in class
    5. Water and a snack
    6. Laptop
    But realistically, the contents in my backpack, in this very moment are
    1. glasses
    2. Pencils (forgot notebook at home)\
    3. Water and a snack
    4. my laptop
    As you can see, I don't bring everything I truly need with me every day. I'm usually the person to bring EVERYTHING I could possibly need, but there are times when I just kind of forget.

  100. My MUST haves in my backpack:
    1. First and foremost gum. You never know when you're going to need a piece, it could come in handy if you talk to someone important. \

    2. Chapstick is total must have. Chapped lips are the worst and look bad, that is why you need to have your chapstick if your lips ever feel like they're getting dry.

    3. Snacks always. I am hungry all the time so if I don't have any it is the worst. I am sure you guys can relate.

    4. I usually keep my spare pare of glasses in my backpack in case I leave my main pair at home. I wear mine a lot when I am driving so if i forget my mine pair I have my backup.

    5. Money. i think everyone should keep 20$ in their backpack in case they are out and want to buy food or gas or something small.

    6. Headphones are definitely something everyone should keep because there will always be times when you will need headphones but will not have any.

    7. A phone charger is good to have as well.

    8. Pens and pencils. I like keeping these in my backpack in case I ever need to sign something or want to doodle.

    9. Paper is a must especially if you are in school. It is the worst having to ask someone for a piece of paper.

    10. WATER cause you need to stay hydrated, it is very important!!!!!!

  101. 1. Food
    5.Pen and pencil


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