Sunday, September 20, 2009

The People Have Spoken

In Three Cups of Tea, Mortenson hits many bumps in the road--he's broke, his girlfriend dumps him, and he is forced to build a bridge before he can build the school at Korphe. What does Mortenson finally realize about these bumps? Do they signify failure or something else?

What bumps have you experienced in your life?


  1. I think the slum that Mortenson is in helpz him to go threw with his plans. Because everything is no good the only way to go is up. if he completes his mission and returns to his life, everything will be different. The fact that he puts his girl on the back burner shows that he is not ready to settle down. And must complete the journey that he has set for himself. The bumps are merely stepping stones for his life to come.

  2. Sometimes, we have to pass many bumps before reaching our goal. What should we do every time we hit the bumps? We may hit bumps because of our own mistakes, but we need bumps to accomplish our goal. By hitting bumps, we can be more motivated to reach what we want. I once failed on the final exam while I was in junior high school. I had never failed on the exams before. At first, I was so shocked when I knew I failed on the final exam then I realized that in the last semester, I had never studied hard. I spent too much time to play. I was wrong but I didn't want to give up too. So, I decided to study harder than before to make up for my grade. The bump had warned me to study harder because I played too much.

  3. Life is not perfect and in order to learn we must overcome good and bad challenges. Mortenson has ran into many bumps in his life, but that doesn't mean it is the end of the world. I think it just means he has to work harder for what he wants and he will accomplish his goals. Life is full of obstacles to challenge your strength and learn your own limitations. No one is a failure unless you want to be one.

  4. What bumps have I experienced?
    I left home at 16, to live with someone who was at the time my boyfriend, and depended on him for 3 years because I found out my mother who told me she had cancer actually was doing drugs. Yep. So I was a high school drop out, with no money, no job, no car, no license. And the day the "bf" and I broke things off, I applied for an assist manager at a retail store, and got it on the spot, I then saved money, bought my first car, and got my drivers license. You asked for the bumps. And boy theirs been many. But, I'm still standing, and though I know nothing about Mortenson, I know alot about overcoming challenges, and if I may predict, he probably realizes that all of that needed to happen in order for him to be the person he later became.