Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spider-Peep: Turn Off the Dark

The 2011 Washington Post Peep Show only included one comic inspired entry - well, actually, an entry inspired by a play, inspired by a movie, inspired by a comic - Spider-Peep: Turn Off the Dark.

From Playpeep: "Star clusters opening night featured the silver-maned, former Presipeep, Bill Chickton, who signed autographs creating aisle congestion not seen since the mallow filled hallways of Dance With the Vamallows.

Other P-Listers included Marshmallow Walters and Jimmy Falpeep who kibitzed with with Fran Peepowitz about Peep-knows-what. The show's tunepeeps, Molo and The Edge were squished by applause." A pip of a night! Ooops. Peep of a night!


  1. This picture is so cute and extremely hilarious! I remember when this incident happened. I was very surprised that the comic Spiderman was going to be made into a Broadway musical, it was already a movie and a cartoon show. Maybe this incident was foreshadowing the future of the Broadway show, unsuccessful.

    -Courtney Pask

  2. Haha this one is just funny, because it's kind of weird. Seeing Spiderman as a candy bunny is something I've never seen before and never thought I would see. I like how the FDNY rescue team looks like they're in action and how this looks like a candid shot.