Saturday, June 15, 2013

Even STEM Schools NEED Art

Did you know that ART Department students from Cal State, East Bay made a film that was previewed at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival?  What?  With all the talk about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, you didn't even know CSUEB had an art department?  Not only does it have an art department, it has a GREAT art department, and as has been discussed on this blog in the past, everybody needs art--even scientists.

Translucent, a short horror film by Justin Nunez and Joshua Folsom, won multiple awards from Campus Moviefest, including Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist, Best Actor and Best Cinematography (read more).  Moviefest is the world's largest student film festival and Translucent's top honors earned it the right to be included at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner for new filmmakers.

Check out Translucent and see why it was chosen to go to Cannes.

An excited Justin Nunez was able to travel to Cannes through a sponsorship from the CSUEB art department where he was able to network with other filmmakers and industry luminaries.

What creative outlet do you have outside the lab? 

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  1. I'm not at Cal State East Bay. I'm a proud proud DVC Viking on the transfer road to success. This article really speaks to me because I wouldn't be here writing in this blog, scraping together extra credit, trying to get an A to score me an extra point on my admission, If it wasn't for the arts(stay with me here). My creative outlet outside this "lab" you speak of, also happens to take place in a lab. The Music Technology Center at DVC and the teachers that keep it running and share their knowledge of music technology have really changed my life.
    I was a terrible student in High School, and when I first got to DVC nothing had changed. When I was 20 (25 now) I had given up on school, and decided to become a music producer.
    Who would have thought that you had to go to school for that too, rats.
    So I made my way over to and registered for some music classes to help my fizzling music career. I didn't expect much from anything academic but while I was in the music program something amazing happened: I applied myself, and started to really learn in the classroom for the first time in my life. I got a lot of As and I gained the confidence to continue my education. I've become a great student, and I've gotten a lot out of my education so far. Theres tons of people like me and without art the world would be dull, and possibly less educated.