Friday, June 24, 2016

When will we see these fashions on campus?

Predicting the future is never easy and when we look back at 1930 clothing predictions for the new millennium it all seems so ridiculous, but these styles weren't created for laughs, these designers on history's cutting edge were serious.

What did they predict? Women will wear trousers (what a shock), climate controlled dresses, and even a headlight to "catch a man." The male narrator treats style for women as simply a way to attract the other sex. Maybe that's true in an evolutionary sort of way, but hey, if any guy saw the way I dressed on the weekends . . . not to mention sexuality in the 1930s could only be fathomed in the female/male variety. The one prediction designers of the 1930s seemed to get right was the portable phone--today's cell phone, except that only men would "wear" them.

Predictions are a sticky business and there have been a lot of bad ones. Remember Y2K when all the computers would stop working. Or the Mayan calendar crisis of 2012 - hey, we're still here. In 1977 a global ice age was predicted, in 2008 it was global warming, now it's climate change (just sayin'). Haley's comet is going to take out planet earth. As the physicist Niels Bohr once said,“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”

So now you are on the cutting edge of history, what predictions would you look to forecast for 2085? What will we wear and drive? Will we all be living underground? What will the environment be like? What kind of government(s) will populate the planet? What will we do for fun? Will we all be embedded with chips? Will we be living in a transhuman or even artificial intelligence sort of world? Will Skynet have wiped out all the humans?

Most of all, why do all predictions have to be so gloomy? Don't any of us think that we may be living in a better world?


  1. I do agree that predictions are difficult to work with in the sense that you can't truly be certain as to whether or not the outcome will be true. They appear to be like educated guesses without sufficient evidence to support the prediction one is making. However it never hurts to use one's imagination or conduct a guess as to how something will change in the future. Making predictions helps use to think critically in a way and it also helps us to sometimes think outside the box.

    In 2085, I believe that human beings will still wear clothing similar to what we wear now. Most likely, new fashion trends will be born and of course, technology will continue to advance. It's hard to say if by then humans will be living underground because that all depends on how the state of the environment will be like. We humans need to take better care of our planet and stop contaminating it. If not, the Earth will die, along with all the life that is currently on it. There are many questions that we all have about the future that unfortunately cannot be answered unless if we are present in the future. We all have many predictions as to what the future will look like, but we can never truly know what will come of it unless we're present in it.

  2. I also agree that predicting the future is not a easy thing to do. The people in the 1930s would had never thought about the stuff that happening in today's generations. Most of the time the stuff people predict will never happen or some a similar. We predict what we want to happen but chances are they won't. I believe it best that what we predict doesn't come true. Some of the predict people make can be harmful. However, predicting is just wishful thinking.
    I think we do still wear stuff to catch attention from who we sexual desire. That will never change. People will forever do thing to get attention, but that's not limited to just one gender.
    In 2085, I honestly do not have any predicts but I do believe history repeats itself. I'm not saying everything will be the same , but the will be some similarity.

  3. It's impossible to be able to predict the future but that hasn't stop people from doing it.
    Our technology and medicine research is improving every single day. One of the many prediction that I have would have to be being able to cure cancer. We've found so many cure so far and finding the cure for cancer in general seems possible by 2085.
    I also believe we'll be able to improve global warming. Companies are making solar and electric products. Pretty soon we won't be burning gas and releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.
    I also believe California would probably end their drought by 2085. Hopefully.
    Elections is this week and I am really scared for the U.S. Both are not very ideal candidates but if I had to pick between them, I would have to go with Hilary. Even though by 2085, we won't have one of these two as President, but I'm afraid what will change once that particular someone becomes President and start changing everything. That would for sure affect the future.
    This might be a very negative thing but I believe by 2085, we have already or currently dealing with WW3. It's very scary to predict that but I feel like, with so much that's going on around the world, WW3 is bound to happen. Depends on when it will and whether we'll be alive to witness it.

  4. I think your typical reader doesn't remember Y2K but I remember how panicked everyone was. There always seems to be predictions that shows the world as a post apocalyptic desolate planet. I guess it's just easier to predict a future where everything is dead than a futeure where everyone is at peace and happy. Maybe global warming isn't real and the planet is going through a cycle. Maybe by 2085 the world will be frozen. Who knows? I'm just hoping there's a cure for cancer so I can finally go back to enjoying good chewing tobacco. Or will chewing tobacco not be popular in 2085? Let's just hope it's a better world.

  5. I think that people back then made certain predictions based on what they believed us as humans were going to make the world like. For example the Mayan's already had the prediction of the world ending based on believes they already had before not new ones. I can also say that making predictions for the future can be difficult for the reason that things around us are constantly changing over time. In movies predictions are shown as some kind of attraction, for example fortune tellers in carnivals or the day the world will end, "dooms day."
    Although I don't like paying attention to predictions about the future because I believe that we don't have the ability to control it, by 2085 I don't have good thoughts about that time. As of right now we are not going in a good direction with our government but at the same time this has brought us as people together more as a whole protesting for what we believe is right. Things aren't going at their best at the moment but like I've been mentioning before things are constantly changing and we can never be sure about how things will go over time.

  6. Predictions are always gloomy. Us, humans are only optimistic about the materialistic things in life, such as advancing our technological devices. But when it comes to the actual important things in life, such as what established government or order we would have within our society, most predictions are negative, maybe even terrifying.

    I feel like fashion in the future would be an upgrade fashion styles from the 80's to now. In terms of transportation, in the future, we wouldn't need any drivers for buses, uber, taxi, bart and even our own cars. It is exciting and scary to think that technology will take over our world.

    You have blew mind to think that we may actually be living in a better world. Maybe, we are content and okay with how things are. The future is inevitable which makes us afraid of the future. So, essentially, I feel that we continue to think more negatively rather than positively.

  7. Im a person who is into fashion. Seeing this article it really intrigued me to think how fashion has changed through out so fast. Fashion for everybody is different, but I believe fashion has no rules. In all honesty, I don't know how fashion will be in 2038. I can't predict anything because every season has a different trend. We it comes do driving, I believe that we will be having cars that we can be able to fly and go underwater. I think transhuman is something we will face because I believe it is something that is already happening and now that is be more accepting, it will grow. Prediction is something may people like to do but I like going day by day and see how the things around us evolv.