Google's Free Photo Editing Software is Really Free

Google's photo editing software 'Nik' is now free to download. "Previously priced at $149, the now-free software gives users access to 'seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities -- from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects,'" says Open Culture.

I'm sure you're wondering what photo editing has to do with this blog, well, maybe not, because you should know how much I like visuals, and since we often write about visuals I wanted to offer you the Nik program if/when you need to do a comparative analysis.

When looking at these two separate photos, what are the subjects of these iconic scenes? Sex, adventure, science fiction, body image?

If you had to choose a second photo in order to do a comparison, what subject would you choose?

Who or what would you compare with Marilyn Monroe?

What kind of a photo would you look for to compare with ET against a blue moon?

The subjects in both photos are pop culture icons? What other photo documentary subjects would you like to study? War? News? Societal issues?

Think about any two photos on the same subject or the same event, what would you look for? This may be the basis for your next essay.


  1. I was thinking what iconic of photos could be compared. Maybe V-J Day in Times Square between Napalm Girl would be interesting. V-J Day represents the sweet moment of the end of the war, while Napalm Girl represents the disastrous scene of war. Those photos were taken in between just 30 years, so this comparison gives me more point to think about the medium of war, how ironic a war is.
    -Sangwoo Kim

  2. I fell like Google took a little long to make a software to edit pictures. But, there is a lot of good photo editing programs out there. As for the picture of ET on the moon, as soon as I saw it it reminded me of the picture of the man who first walked on the moon, I think what made me think about that was the craters on the moon, and the rest of the details.

  3. I think that a lot of aspects like color, ratio and contrast could affect how people see a picture.The first picture which is black and white gives a sense of a throwback to the old days. On the other hand, although its dark, the second picture seems more colorful and people would associate it with ET.
    By using pictures, people could explain something more easily with a little description. Different people may have different interpretation toward the same picture as a result of our creative imagination.
    I remember having an activity in our English class where we were assigned to create a fairy tale out of the two pictures given. Everyone came out with a different version of their story.


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