Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Sellers on the Peeps Reading List

No. 1: Sir Peepsalot or King Arthur and the Peeps of the Round Table

A rousing tale of knightly peeps on a quest for the sword, Excalipeep. Only the true heir of Peepselot can remove the sword from the stone and prove himself worthy to rule Mallowland.

Of course it's no.1 - What did you expect from a Renaissance lit enthusiast?

No 2: The Wizard of Peeps

Can Doropeep make it to the Emerald City?

Will the Cowardly Peep find his courage?

Will the Tin Peep find a heart?

Will the Scarepeep get the brains he always wanted? Although how much good marshmallow brains will do him is questionable.

No. 3: Snow White and the Seven Peeps

There's no accounting for taste and Peeps do have a penchant for fairy tales with sugary sweet endings where the charming Prince Peep awakes his beloved with a saccharin kiss.

Other best sellers on the Peep Times list:

3 Cups of Marshmallow Tea - One peep's mission to promote peace . . . one confection at a time.

American Born Peep - a first rate graphic novel that could be especially cathartic for teens and adults of Peep descent, but peeps of any color would find themselves reflected in the universal themes of self-acceptance, peep pressure, and gooey tension.

Harry Peeper and the Chamber of Mallow - When the Chamber of Mallow is opened again at the Chickwarts School of Peepcraft and Wizardry, second-year student Harry Peeper finds himself in danger from a dark power. Cult classic.

Interred with Their Goo
- "The evil that peeps do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their goo."

Pride and Prejudice and Peeps - These days, America is menaced by Peep shows and goo infected computers. What’s next, a Peep Jane Austen? Why, yes. First line: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a peep in possession of brains must be in want of more gooey mallow.”

It's summer, have some fun. What would you add to the Peep's reading list?


  1. OMG!!! How about a peeps rendition of the execution of Anne Boleyn? Or one for each of the Tudor queens?

    Oh what about Braveheart? But I guess it would be hard to draw and quarter a peep - they stretch.

  2. I'll have to add The Other Boleyn Peep to the reading list.


  3. Wow, those look nice. Did you make them yourself? That's very impressive.

    I love their costumes, they look so professional. I like eating the marshmellow peeps but they're a bit too sweet.

    All I can think of is a peep themed The Little House on The Prairie or maybe even a Lord of the Rings? (Lord of the peeps.)

  4. I have never made a Peeps diorama - but that gives me an idea . . .

  5. i will add The Beautiful Peep and the Beast to next reading list.

  6. I will add The Peep Saga: Breaking Peeps

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  8. This is quite clever. I never thought of creating a diorama using peeps to represent best sellers on books. It is entertaining to see how they are set up as they are in the books and are dressed up in their characters. Each diorama incorporates an important scene from the book. A fun one to look at would be Brave New World with peeps.

  9. of course, as a huge disney fan, i have to absolutely love the Snow White andf the seven peeps picture. i think the snow white peep is too adorable and the coffin detail is great! this HAS top be my favorite. the Wizard of Peeps is adorable too! but dorothey's dress is blue and not brown. other than that, the Wizard of Peeps scene is cute!but great job to the artist of the Snow White scene! the bow and the dress are totally adorable!