Reading on BART - SF to Walnut Creek

A half-dozen riders on a super packed train at 11:30 p.m. and I were perusing the program from Tosca. BTW a great production. Lado Ataneli as the evil, Scarpia, and Adrianne Pieczonka as the pious, Tosca, were fab. The weirdest scene-yup, that's the one.

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey was being read by a post modern Peter Pan in the tightest dark-green Levis ever, and pointy-toed suede Hush Puppies, topped by a rat pack style fedora.

A tattered copy of Dreams from My Father by the Pres was being passed back and forth by a couple who got off in Berkeley.

BART Transit Connection was being interpreted by a group of teenage Asian tourists who practiced saying, "Excuse me" every 30 seconds or so. BTW, Pleasant Hill and Pleasanton are two different places.

And then, of course, the ever present business man with a manila folder propped on his knees reading memos containing columns of numbers. Geez it's midnight on Friday, as Jimmy Cliff would say, "Stop that train, I wanna get off."


  1. Hey, just now I was looking for some articles that I may be interested in, then this one just came into my eyes. Yes, "Reading on Bart" definitely got my attention, because every time when I was on bart, I always enjoyed watching people, then I realized that most of the passengers were reading, either newspapers or books, I like the words that the author used, such as "a super packed train" " a post modern Peter Pan in the tightest dark-green Levis ever" At first, as an international student, I didn't get it. Then I read again, these words and sentences became so interesing that I wanted to read again and again, and at the same time I began to think what our instructor told us, "entertainment", yes, it is really enjoyable to read this kind of article, but it may be hard to write, hehe, whatever, I am still learning. By the way, I like the end of this article, too. With a quotation, it goes to the end so naturally and spiffily.
    -------Yanxue Li( Emma )


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