Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do graphic novels encourage reading?

After reading graphic novels such as Nevermore, a graphic novel featuring nine of Edgar Allan Poe's more popular horror stories, are you encouraged to read the original text? Does reading graphic adaptations persuade you to seek out other stories written by Edgar Allan Poe? Why or why not?


  1. I work for a graphic novel publisher called Campfire. We aim our titles at young people, and truly believe that not only do graphic novels encourage reluctant readers to pick up a book, but they have great literary value in their own right.

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  2. Kelsey Olson ENG98-1946/47May 26, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    After reading the graphic novels I personally felt more encouraged to read the original text. I felt that the graphic novel created an outline of the plot and allowed for a better comprehension of Poe's original work. I usually read the original followed by the graphic novel then re-read the original just to be sure I covered all of the main points and details.
    Reading adapted versions of Poe's work does effect my further actions in seeking Poe's stories. Poe's original work is so complex it usually requires me to use more than one resource to be able to fully analyze his stories. Not only does it help for comprehension, but other adaptions also highlight Poe's plot lines. For example- I never realized how much of Poe's work is hidden in movies and other stories until I fully analyzed his original stories.
    In conclusion I think graphic novels inspire Poe readers to refer back to the original text as well as inspire them to seek a better understanding.

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  4. Graphic novels are good to encourge people to read the stories which are too long.So it
    won't make you feel bored during the reading.After reading any graphic novel, you will feel that you like to read another one. Also the graphic novels persuade you to seek for
    more of them. For me, I like the graphic novels and I always post pictures on any essay I write, to make them look like a graphic novels and to help the reader understand what I'm writing about.

  5. Graphic novels really encourage people to read. Most of us don't want to read normal books because of the length of the chapter. It gives you visual images to help people who are disabled like me connect to the plot. I personally like to read just graphic novels or manga, because of my autism. I can't picture the plot in my head to keep up with the story.

  6. After reading the graphic novels I don not tend to go looking to read the original text because I personally find it more entertaining to have graphics than long pieces of text. Reading the graphic novel gives me an idea of what the story is about and I do not feel the need to go exploring the original text because the main points usually are shown in the graphic novel and I find it unnecessary to search for something that I could not concentrate reading for more than a couple pages.

  7. Based on personal experience, I believe that Graphic Novels open a doorway that might otherwise be closed, but do not provoke movement through that door.

    I hated reading books, hated the thoughtless nonchalance people would have when choosing books for classes, and hated how much they surrounded reality. This person fell in love with that person, this city was under attack by that one, that man wanted revenge for this tragedy. It was just reality reiterated in the form of written word; in other words, it bored me to tears. However, graphic novels, especially manga, made the world of writing so much more interesting. You could see the expressions of the faces of the characters, you could fall in love with their personality and their silent emotions. It was an experience that I could never have gotten from literature, even if it occasionally have bits and pieces of printed illustrations.

    Graphic novels are the step toward understanding the majesty in written word, but until you can find that one book, that one genre that speaks straight to your soul, I do not believe it is possible to love writing. I for one found that love in a book called "The Name of The Wind," by Patrick Rothfuss, the man who made me want to read and, from that day forth, never able to let go of a book.

  8. From an extremely young age I have always read. Any kind of book i could get my hands on, I read it from start to finish. Then as i got into my -teens i was introduced to the world of graphic novels. I was utterly stunned by this type of literature. It was like falling for the love of our life, and boy did i fall hard. Even to this day i still read many different types of graphic novels. But it does not stop there, i like to research the authors of graphic novels and i like to read their other works as well. And since graphic novels are so much different in structure than a regular novel, when you read other works by the authors you see whole new perspective of writing. Graphic novels open up a whole new world, without leaving the old world behind. As an avid reader of all kinds of books, moving to graphic novels didn't diminish my love for other books at all. The illustrations bring something different to the table that gives an even better appreciation to the characters and the literature. From the day i started i have almost become a collector of graphic novels series. It is a love of literature that will never die.
    They also have multiple genres of graphic novels that appeal to all different kinds of people. Fantasy, Love, Action, etc. they have it all. That was another aspect of graphic novels that i loved, they had every genre you could ask for. Some days you feel like some mystery, and maybe another day you feel for some romance. Then after reading the graphic novel, you could search the author and find some other pieces by him or her, and continue the fun!