Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fundamental or Instrumental?

Are you a person who has chosen his or her career path for instrumental reasons? Do you do things, as Daniel Pink explains, "because you think it's going to lead to something else, regardless of whether you enjoy it or it's worthwhile"? Perhaps, it's a high paying career choice?


Are you a person who has chosen his or her career path due to fundamental reasons? Have you chosen your college major because it will let you do interesting work even you don't know exactly where it will lead?

Why do you think you are a fundamental or instrumental kind of person?


  1. I think that I am both fundamental and instrumental.I chose my career path becauae I know that it is a great career,I know it will take me places in life and I will be financially stable.I also want to enjoy my job and with my career path as a child psychologist that can happen. My career will also let me do interesting things and I will get exposed to different types of people. I will be able to work at a school rehab centers and child services. I just want to give to others and help liberate people.

  2. As I grew up, my parents had set out a plan for me to do well in school,graduate from college, and go to medical school. It made me think instrumentally because seemed that it is always better to have a safe carrer where you are ensured a well-off salary than an unstable job.

    As I've aged, I've realized that my parents' plan was not made more me and I needed to be selfish for once and do what I love.I've been wanting to break out into Beauty merchandising and marketing. I suppose I've grown to think fundamentally now since it'd make me happier and more whole as a person in the long run doing something I am passionate for.

    I suppose, I would say that I was an instrumental kind of person, but I grew into someone who is a fundamental one.

    -Kimly Nguyen (Eng.116)

  3. At first I think I chose my major for more of an instrumental purpose, because Nursing gives very promising and rewarding benefits in the future. But after reading Johnny Bunko, I changed my plans and headed for something more fundamental.
    Studying to become a Vet is something I've always had in the back of my mind. My whole family could see it ever since I was young. It's really not a shocker that I gave up my Nursing career for my childhood dream.

  4. I think my career choice is fundamental. I picked it because it was something I was really interested in and knew I would like. I realize that making money is necessary, but I'm not willing to work a job I hate to make a lot of money. Enjoying what I do is more important to me, which is neither good nor bad. Some people are much more interested in making a lot because it will lead to a better, more comfortable life later. I'm more concerned with spending my life doing something I care about, even if I end up living in a tiny loft above a restaurant.

  5. I think I'm going towards a fundamental reason, because overall, computer science is going along with the exponential growth of technology. It's interesting, but I don't know where it's headed in the future.

  6. Until recently I was an instrumental person. I did things because of where it would lead me, for example I worked in many different jobs to be able to make a living. However recently I realized that life is not forever and that I wanted to do something I like and will not regret later on in life. Now I have chosen a career path I like and will follow it until the end to be able to achieve where I want to be.

  7. I am definitely a person that has chosen my career path for fundamental reasons. I’ve wanted to be a nurse, or lawyer for instrumental reasons but not only were they too time consuming to pursue, but I never really had any interest in those fields. I want to become a probation officer and work in the youth department because I genuinely believe that helping kids will bring me happiness. Through my fellow students I have learned that my career path will most likely not lead me to major financial stability as my other career plans before would have, but I don’t think it matters to me all that much because I truly believe that I will enjoy doing my job more than the money I will receive,and that it will pay off in the end.----> your Elena

  8. i think i am a bit of both. on one hand, i am going to switch to a geology major because i really enjoy learning about the earth, and that joy was magnified this quarter in my geology class. on the other hand, my parents own a hotel business so i plan on also running that someday which is mainly because of the money it will get me. my main career path will be geology, which i am mainly doing for the joy but also partially for the money. the hotel part will mainly be on the side which is my backup in case the geology idea doesnt work out.