Monday, May 23, 2011

After Johnny Bunko . . .

Here comes the summer with its warm weather, sunny beaches, and amusement parks. Before setting off on a long overdue vacation, think about how The Adventures of Johnny Bunko changed your view about the career world?

How will you handle changes to your plans?

Are you willing to make adjust your plan to accommodate fundamental and instrumental motives? Instead of becoming a doctor or a musician, can you see yourself working in those worlds in a different capacity? Say a doctor to the "stars" or a music teacher?

1 comment:

  1. After reading Johnny Bunko, it really has changed my views in the career world. I'm really excited for summer, but I know that I have to make time to get ahead on my future. I plan to volunteer at the animal shelter in town as I did last summer to gain more experience with a variety of animals, this will give me more to put on my resume but also experience for when I have to apply to Vet school!
    I'm excited for these new changes in my future!