Sunday, June 17, 2012

Film's Dark Predictions

Films set in the future often present a dark dystopia where people are barely surviving after a variety of catastrophes -- zombie apocalypse or global pandemic -- leaving society and people broken, alone, and in shambles.

Michael Hobson over at Tremulant Design created a beautiful infographic entitled "The Future According to Films" and records dozens of movies with cyborgs, underwater worlds, hell, precogs, aliens, anarchy, and shenanigans.

If you like science fiction, horror, and/or fantasy, here's a movie list for you....which are your favorites? How does this visual film timeline square up with your own vision of the future?

Think about your own essays. Can you see how a visual timeline can make material easier to place in history, making events easier to connect? Think about using one in your next history paper.

For essays where you have to make a prediction, say about the effects of a proposal, do you see how you can record the steps of a process along a timeline and then outline the possible effects along intersecting or divergent timelines? Look at how the creator of this timeline used brackets.

If you decide to use a timeline, be careful that your points are easy to follow (logical)--and try to make it as beautiful as this one. Pleasing visuals are always a plus in student writing.

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  1. This is an interesting way of creating a timeline. The visual presentation immediately catches the readers attention, using an example of popular fiction movies. Incorporates the time of their events taking place, from the year 2011-3001988.Each year listed gives a brief description of the events taking place . Also has a "Did you know?" box, for readers who may be interested in miscellaneous facts and shows the effects along intersecting and divergent timelines. Definitely commend this timeline as a guidance for students who want to create a timeline for school projects