"Truth Nothing But Shadows of the Image"

Plato expressed this idea in his "Allegory of the Cave" from The Republic. But what does it mean? If you live in a dark cave with other prisoners and suddenly you are released what would be your response? How would you see the world outside? Would you return to the cave with sun-dazzled eyes that slowly fill with darkness? Would you enlighten your fellow prisoners?

Franz Kafka's nightmare parable "Before the Law" asks, "Do you believe the law accessible to everyone?" Should it be?

These are questions asked in two short films from texts often assigned in college (or high school)--Plato's The Republic and Franz Kafka's The Trial. As you watch these animated images (Orson Welles narrates Plato's cave allegory and Kafka's parable) think about this: How is reality an illusion? Do you have an obligation to the unenlightened? How can you apply these parables to today's society?

Oh, yeah, what does this have to do with Johnny Depp? You tell me.


  1. The reality of society is that there are several illusions in life and people are trapped because they have no knowledge to the truth. If I were trapped in a cave with other prisoners and I was freed, I would for sure help my fellow prisoners. I would give them advice on how to free themselves and in most situations, knowledge is the key to freedom, that is how you move into another illusion of life. I would see the world outside as my play ground, I have the power to run it however I like. Being a prisoner gives you time to think, balance yourself, restore and reconstruct, and find peace to take on challenges of the world. What do you think the true purpose of pledging is? It is for you to be broken down and built back up. If I were to go back I would go back to help mentor prisoners on how to get out enlighten them with the truth. Reality is an illusion because we all have gifts in this world and in order to really shine you have to stay in tuned with yourself. A well educated African American man told me at work "you have to read in order to know who you are and where you are going in life" it is the truth no matter what it is. Knowledge is power. Everyone has a choice if they want to be obligated to the unenlightened, society can be a great place if we helped each other out rather than letting them fall. I would apply these parables to today's society as motivation to be all I can be and an enlightened leader.

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