The Writer's Schizophrenia

I have had my share of rejection letters--and yes, each one is a little dart to the heart--but I usually respond by sending out a new smattering of agent queries. As an instructor, it reminds me to look for that interesting paragraph, sentence, or turn of phrase in student writing, and compliment it. Having been in sales for years and years, I try to keep in mind that each "no" is just some percentage of a yes, although in my case, I haven't quite figured out the ratio, but . . .

Today was a bit different. I received two emails at the same time about the exact same piece.

Email number one partially read, "While I like the idea of following an Elizabethan playwright, your writing itself seems both too forced and overly calm for the action it describes"--Ouch!

Email number two: "This is quite interesting so far! May I see the full manuscript, as a .doc attachment?"

I think I'll take Door Number Two.


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