Video Essay: Classifying and Dividing College Roomates

Students are often asked to write Classification/Division essays that either break apart a whole into parts (Division), or sort items into categories (Classification). A popular prompt for this assignment is to classify roommates into categories - as does this video from

The video essay takes the broad category of Roommates and then subdivides it into Monsters. From there it divides monstrous roommates into six different kinds from "The Robot" to "The Zombie."

How would you classify your former or current roommates? Can you think of a broad category of roommates (like monsters) and then subdivide it further?


  1. as student new to the college experience, I was surprised at how accurate this video was. Although the characters are exagerrated, their characteristics really aren't. Personally, I've experience several "Robot" roommates firsthand.

  2. I currently haver three roommates plus myself. We are all quiet different but still manage to get along. I feel like i would be categorized as the clean freak one because i love to have everything clean and organized at all times and sometimes my roommates even think i have OCD. My second roommate would be categorized as being loud/uncontrollable
    laugher. She is very loud and careless about what people think of her. Every time she laughs she seems to lose control and laugh really funny and loud. My second roommate is more of a hippie, she loves Bob Marly and believes that we are all young, wild, and free. She doesn't seem to stress over anything ever, she is just very calm about everything. My third roommate is more of the girl who is constantly saying sorry for no reason. She always says sorry for anything that happens to any of us, she just can't help it but say sorry even if it isn't her fault. Regardless of our difference here and there, we all get along very well because we all make each other laugh and support each other in anything that we do.

    Another topic that can be expanded into sub categories like roommates would be food, like sandwiches. I love sandwiches, I eat them all the time! I have also come to learn and try many different types of sandwiches like a beef roast sandwich, BLT sandwich, or a tuna sandwich. They are all sandwiches, but they are all different in there own way. They all contain different ingredients, look different,and taste different, but they are all sandwiches when you come to generalizing it. Just like the roommates they are different, but they are all under the same category of when it come to generalizing it.

  3. As a 18 year-old college student living in the dorms is a good experience for me. Living in the dorms has its ups and downs for example putting 8 girls in a dorm of course all of us are not going to get along because we each have different personalities and some people will just not click. Another bad thing is that living in the freshman dorms is $11,381 a year which can have a negative effect on you budget. I personally do not prefer living with eight girls but I usually just keep to myself because the try to fit in and I have always been the quiet person who knows who she is and does not need to do anything drastic to make me feel good about myself. Me, myself, and I are best friends and we tell each other everything and I think having a good relationship with yourself is the key to confidence. By having roomates you learn much more about people their strengths their weaknesses, if they are dirty or clean, and if they are real or fake.


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