Plagiarism Checker: Good for Grammar Too!

If you are lucky enough to have access to TurnItIn at your college, I bet you didn't know it can do more than just give you a similarity rating?

TurnItIn now has e-rater, a grammar checker, that works alongside the plagiarism checker. If you don't have TurnItIn at your school, it is available for a fee online at

In addition to checking quoted, paraphrased, or summarized material, e-rater looks at grammar, style, mechanics, usage and spelling. Errors are flagged and offer students the option of dismissing e-raters' advice, or clicking on "handbook" for further explanation.

Using e-rater will improve your grammar. As a professor, I know most grammar mistakes are really proofreading errors, but when you run across something truly perplexing, e-rater's grammar handbook can teach you something new.

Before you charge off to TurnItIn with your next paper watch the following demo explaining how it works (the demo is for WriteCheck, but it works like TurnItIn).

WriteCheck Demo & Walkthrough from iP User Experience & Design on Vimeo.

Do your professors a favor and use e-rater to correct your grammar. Believe me, you'll be glad you did!


  1. Here's a link to a demo for Turnitin's GradeMark grammar-checking feature:

  2. I like this, I think that's very useful. I never use it before when I come to the United States. I have been two years in china university, no teacher or professor tell us to use about that. when we write essay, just write, if I use some out source, go ahead, no work cited, we only use quotation marks on sentences. Though this article I know that Turnitin not only help us check plagiarism but also check grammar, I will introduce to my chinese friend, really useful.

  3. - (Hugh) Hieu Vo -
    This program was introduced to me during my first year as a Freshman in college, it is a useful program that students can rely on. Not only does it help you correct grammatical mistakes, but also tells you the similar percentage that your essay will get. The percentage can prevent you from turning in a "plagiarize" paper. TurnItIn compares your essay with others online and check the similarity of it, the less percentage the better, it will mean your essay is of original. How bad would it be if you did not use TurnItIn program and turn in a 5 pages essay that you ACTUALLY worked hard on, then to only find out that the teacher plug the essay onto TurnItIn and get a 25% similar rate. You can't argue your way out of it. Guess you better pack your back and move to the Dean's office. This would come in handy for my current English's paper.

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  5. I personally love TurnItIn because it helps me know if I plagiarizing and not even aware that I am doing it. I did know that Plagiarizing was not allowed in college but I was not aware of the TurnItIn program which I know must benefit the students because it gives them an opportunity to check any grammar or plagiarism before turn it in to the teacher and getting a zero or a really low grade. I know that Plagiarism here at the university can lead to expulsion and buy having this program it can help student from going down that path especially over something so little.

  6. There are lots of plagiarism detector tools you will get in market, you will required to select the one which is much useful.Once you find this tool which is best suited to meet your requirements


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