Movies From Mars (and Mars' Science Laboratory)

We did it! We landed on Mars! Well, really NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory did it. If you have read this blog for a while you know that geeks (a term of affection here) hold a near and dear place in my heart.

Can you imagine how great all those scientists, computer and software engineers, launch pad operators, command center technicians, janitors, data entry personnel, optics and robotic experts, lab technicians, personal assistants, electronic experts, mathematicians--those modern day magicians--feel? Great! (Where's a bottle of champagne when you need one).

NASA created a full resolution decent and landing video of the $2 billion Curiosity's trip through the Mars atmosphere to its touchdown at Bradbury Landing.

Can't get enough? Me either! How about Curiosity's first jaunt across the Mars surface. There's no video yet, but here's a picture of its first drive.

Want to stay caught up with Curiosity's antics? Here's a link to NASA's Mars site.

So what's your major?


  1. This was so exciting when I first saw the video of the rover landing in mars for the first time. I couldn't really believe that I was looking at a different planet because it looked really similar to ours. It looked like some kind of dessert or something. The people that was working for NASA were very excited and I can't imagine what they were feeling at the time. They were doing something great for humanity and who knows what they could find in that planet. Maybe aliens?


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