What do you get when you cross a Photographer, an Astronaut, and a Geographer?

A great combination of college majors! Art, geological and earth sciences, as well as engineering, astronomy or mathematics offer a career in a field you may not even know existed--geoscience.

At NASA there is a geoscientist that asks astronauts to snap pictures and take videos of earth from 250 miles above the planet in order to study planet phenomena. It turns out earth has more geographical diversity than we once thought (for example, there's a lot more deltas).

But they also produce some beautiful videos, such as Earth at Night.

Open Culture
also offers a link to What an Astronaut Sees from the International Space Station.

Have you ever thought about combining a science major with an arts major? If so, what kind of creative science would you like to be a part of?


  1. Wow. Watching that short video completely changed my view upon the different types of majors. I never even heard of geoscience until now! If I were an art major, I believe I would definitely choose to merge with a science major and try to partake in this field as my future career. I already love learning about astronomy and how planets continue to survive in the Milky Way, but to see our own planet through space and photos sounds simply amazing! Looking at Earth from that perspective is wonderful. As a viewer, that video makes me realize how enormous Earth is. I love how the popular cities are the ones most lighted. I really enjoyed how I could see lightening storms occurring and the Aurora Lights up near Canada. Ultimately, this video makes me appreciate how beautiful Earth is and how tons of billions of people are able to live on this planet.

    Is this career a common field for those science and art majors? How does one go about making this their future career?

  2. I didn't know that a major like this even existed the short video was amazing! I haven't seen anything like it before and it just catches your eye when you see the city lights, the lighting bolt flashes and the storm clouds. This is by far the best art i have seen in years, way better then the contemporary art that keeps popping up all over the world. Whats impressive is the potential for the research in this as well the data recorded by those videos could help build maps of areas that have high and low rates of lighting strikes. I noticed in a few of the clips that only small areas had lighting concentrated in only a few areas near water.

  3. I never though that you could combine two majors to create one amazing major. How you could a better career by combining two majors. I wounder what other major combinations you could do. After i read this it made me think about what type of major I can make by combining physics and photography and what type of career I could have by combining those two majors.

  4. These are probably two of the most beautiful videos that I have seen on YouTube, and the best 12 minutes that I have spent on the Internet for a while now. This post caught my eye because some of my favorite hobbies include photography and astronomy, and it was interesting to find out that there are careers that combine the two. While this looks like a very rewarding career for someone like me, I have doubts about how fruitful the job market is for this kind of thing. This seems like a job for a very specific market, and the search for a job may be very difficult. With career doubts aside, this seems like it would be the kind of job that I would not dread going to every day.

  5. Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be an astronaut. I always dream of being in space and walking on the moon when I grow up. These videos made me relive my childhood dream and I would have loved to taken part of this project. This video made me feel like I was floating in space and just towering over everything. Even though, I've seen several videos like these before, these types of videos seem to always amaze me. If I were to take place in combining art with science, I would do something like this as well because these types of videos always inspire me to do something amazing with my life. But I would do something different and I would love to combine computer science, art and geography and make some kind of simulation of these kinds of things.

  6. I always like to watch this kind of videos, where I get a chance to explore the planet. These two videos are using the same way to film the rotating earth using international space station. One of those is a night view of planet earth, where we can see how beautiful our planet looks from the space. The second video is a film about the day time view of planet earth. Here we can see the over view of the whole earth within seven minutes video. Whenever I get free time I like to watch this kind of videos in order to discover how beautiful and strange is our planet and space. These videos made me to think for a while that how imaging it would be to see earth from the space.

  7. I have not think about combine art and science before wathch this video, we can see our beautiful earth from space, from universe however, this video just inspire me to do something amazing. especially second video, we can see the whole earth within only 7 mins, I love this kind of video. right now I am thinking about is there have other planet like our earth, if does, I'd like to take a look and communicate with the people from there, it must be amazing.

  8. This video was simply astonishing. I've never seen anything like it. It makes me realize how small our Earth is compared to the entire universe. It's also interesting how tiny spots of light shown in the video represent large areas of different countires. I was also able to see the atmospheric layer of the Earth, which I've never seen before. The angle of the camera really showed some cool features such as thunder storms and northern lights. So awesome!


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