Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ray Bradbury Predicted the Future

When reading or watching science fiction we often run across products or futuristic visions. But if one looks at the past works of science fiction, say from sixty years ago, we can see just how prescient a certain author or cinematographer is or was.

Ray Bradbury was one of those prescient visionaries that predicted among other things: spy satellites, automatic teller machines, cell phones and flat screen TVs. Many of his books are classics: "There Will Come Soft Rain," and Fahrenheit 451 are just two. As you look at this infographic from Ria Novosti, think about recent creators and their predictions. What do you see in science fiction that will become a reality for you or your children.

Personally, I want my hover car!


  1. I enjoy seeing concepts from science fiction playing a role in futuristic developments. Science Fiction stories can have a strong impact on a how a generation expects technology to grow in the future. It almost sets a goal for technological advances. I have seen other concepts in other old science fiction stories, such as electronic books and space travel, which are starting to make an appearance in the technological frontier. It makes you think about the advances in technology that the future will bring. Soon we will be living in a futuristic society with new technology nobody has even dreamed of. Or maybe we are already there.

  2. With Bradbury's predictions, it is interesting to see that he could come up with ideas that one day turned into everyday items. Science Fiction allows us to imagine worlds and ideas that are infinite. The amusing side of it is that one day our fantisies can become true and maybe even the next big thing. I dream of seeing robots with artificial inteligence one day that could help or even do the tasks that we grow through everyday. Maybe this could help us in tasks that are too dangerous or even impossible for the human body to handle. Some may argue that the creation of artifcial intelligence is dangerous for the human race but it all depends on how we utilize this tool and where it goes fromt there.

  3. Science fiction opens up the doors to future, the imagination and possibilities. Back then when the first movie that introduced touched-screen devices, whichever that was, everyone found it amazing and hardly possible. BAM, there comes Apple products! It might not even be an Apple device that had the first touch-screen design, but it sure did come true and is now a common control. It was brilliant for Bradbury to have foreseen these devices which are now used everyday. There are so much we could do and invent. The next big thing could be anything. Personally, I want air-touch/sensor computer and projects into midair, allowing me to control and work in the mist of it, like in Iron Man!

  4. Gabriela Delgado
    English 1002-02
    Blog Quiz Extra Credit
    I remember reading Fahrenheit 451, during my sophomore year. I found this book really interesting, however, I did notice that Bradbury did predict many things that are currently happening in this generation. It was a shock for me to see all of the similarities that Bradbury and today's generation. I have not read many books lately that can find the similarities to today's society, but looking at today's news and politics amaze me. I can bet that there's many movies and books that are predicting the future, many of us find it as entertainment not knowing that it will become our future nightmares.