Cherry Trees

When fighting breaks out between Pakistan and India the villagers of northern Pakistan are forced to flee to a refugee camp located in an unpleasant and inhospitable location. Before building the school in Korphe, Greg Mortenson had to build a bridge, and in this instance, Mortenson has to build "the first uplift water scheme in the history of northern Pakistan" (Mortenson and Relin 221).

What do the cherry trees symbolize for the people of Gultori?


  1. For the people of Gultori, I believe the Cherry Trees symbolize peace and prosperity. On the purely physical level the trees supply food, timber, and shelter and this allowed the people to be prosperous, or at least have enough of what they needed to survive in their inhospitable location. During the fighting the trees are destroyed and thus the people might associate the destruction of the trees as the beginning of a time of war and hardship and, inversely, they might see the time when the trees were still standing as one of relative calm.

  2. Cherry trees only live in moist soil. If cherry trees can live in Brolmo village where the people of Gultori used to live, that means the soil is good. If the soil in that place is good, the people can grow crops to make life. I agree with Matt that cherry tree is considered as the symbol of wealth and peace. During the war, the cherry trees was destroyed, that means the life of the people of gultori was destroyed too. There were no more peace and wealth


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