In Three Cups of Tea, what does the "planet's relentless march towards equilibrium" teach Dr. Hoerni and Greg Mortenson?

How does your life reflect equilibrium?


  1. Jean Hoerni was known for his scientific researches. He was a rich man that he owned could afford everything he wanted. He realized his successful career and his wealthy life were useless if he didn't help the children in Korphe. Dr. Hoerni thought that he had to leave something before he died, and he did, he funded the school in Korphe.
    Everyone of us has different opinion of life. Some people think that they have to do something meaningful to help other people, but some people think only about themselves. They don't care how other live. In my opinion, if I can do something helpful for other people just like Dr. Hoerni and Greg Mortenson do, life will be more peaceful.


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