Super Bowl 2012 Top 3 Commercials

You may not agree, but according to, these are the top three commercials you saw in between a New England Patriot safety (as in the scoring play, not the position) and a come-from-behind touchdown drive by the New York Giants.

1. "It's Halftime in America" starring Clint Eastwood. Product: Chrysler.

This ad is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan's, 1984 "It's Morning in America" political advertisement.

"We're all in this together?" Who is the audience for this commercial? This seems to be a nostalgic return to better days. Detroit, American cars, Super Bowl Sunday, you can't much more American than that. How is Chrysler using pathos (emotional appeals) in this ad?

2. "Matthew's Day Off" starring Ferris Bueller, errr, I mean Matthew Broderick. Product: Honda CR-V.

Wow, another throwback. If you know the movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, you'll get the references. How does Honda use ethos (expert appeals) to get you to buy their product?

3. "Transactions" starring Jerry Seinfeld. Product: Acura.

And again, not only a throwback, but these are all car ads. Is Acura using any logos (logical appeals) in this ad?

Remember texts can be delivered in many different mediums, from books and movies to graphic novels and radio. Think about how these advertisers used ethos, pathos, and logos to get you to buy their products.

What was your favorite 2012 Super Bowl commercial and how do they get your attention?


  1. My personal favorite Superbowl ad was the Honda CR-V commercial. Not just because I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but because of all the tiny little details in it. For example, when Roderick picks up his CR-V from the hotel valet, he compliments a woman on her "taste in automobiles". The car the woman drove was also a CR-V. You might have also noticed all the things Roderick did in his CR-V, driving all over the coastlines, through city traffic, even through what seemed to be a chinese new years parade (what I want to know is if they where singing "Twist and Show" in chinese). Through all this driving, not once did you see Roderick refuel his CR-V, implying it has excellent gas mileage. Finally when he returns the CR-V to the valet, you see the valet going for what seems to be one hell of a joy ride, also suggesting that not only is the CR-V a versitle, fuel efficient automobile, you can also do crazy stunts in it. I wouldn't want to put that to the test though.

  2. My favorite commercial of these three is the Honda CR-V commercial. The commercial has a humorous tone to it which caught my attention. It not only is humorous, it also has an effective way of persuading consumers to buy the car. For example, it shows that it has good gas mileage which a lot of people are looking for nowadays. This commercial caught my attention because unlike the others such as "Halftime in America," it came with a sense of humor and that's what interests me in commercial ads.

  3. My favorite commercial out of the three presented to me is "Transactions" starring Jerry Seinfeld. The reason why I liked this commercial is because Jerry Seinfeld is trying so hard to be the first person to own the car. Then when he thought he got the car when Jay Leno flies in with a "flying squirrel suit" and wins over the first person.

  4. I really enjoyed watching the ad for the Honda CR-V. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of my all time favorite classics. I really liked how they kept some of the same elements of the original movie to advertise the car. It was humorous and can really catch a viewers attention. Like the movie, the moral is to stop and smell the flowers once in a while, but in this commercial they are saying to live life to the fullest but do it with a Eco-friendly car that is fuel efficient. They do a good job with advertising everything the car has to offer but in a different way. This is how halftime commercials be all the time.

  5. I love superbowl commercials as they are the most awaited and entertaining. I love the Chrysler , starring Clint Eastwood because it relates to the reality. It states that we are in recession and we need to hold and wait till this hard time is over. United States of America and its citizens always come back harder and stronger.

  6. My favorite of all three of these commercials will have to have been the "Transactions" commercial by Acura. The way this commercial grabbed my attention was when the guy gave him the money and was like what do I have to do to be number one. As soon as that happened that commercial grabbed my attention. "Matthew's Day Off" did not grab my attention at all. At first when I first saw it I was like what is the product going to be about and then they showed the car and then I did not even want to finish to watch the video. The Acura had a better car advertising video then the Honda video.

  7. chysler uses pathos because it relates to the struggle of the "american" people that are going through hard times to try to relate to them basically saying that if we fall we can get back up again like we always have. the CRV plays on expert opionion because it uses a star that is doing all these things without getting caught. my favorite one is the CRV commerical an the part with the panda in the driving seat when his boss almost saw him. the last video didnt want to play so i have no comment about that video

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