2nd Annual O'Keefe Graphic Literature Winners

Are you wild about comics?

If so, you'll appreciate that there is one Bay Area College that also loves comics! In fact, Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill offers a graphic literature prize each year featuring the best student-produced comics.

Not only that, DVC features classes in comics creation and story telling to facilitate the budding graphic novelist.

Don't want to create comics? No problem, DVC also has classes in the Graphic Novel as literature.

Whether you're an artist, comic aficionado, or just like art and literature, check out this year's O'Keefe Prize Winners!


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  2. I think it's really cool how we're actually promoting creative intelligence, instead of just ignoring those with talents like that. Creating comics is a really hard task, and requires a lot of time and effort that most people probably don't take into consideration. When I was thirteen I had an idea for a comic and tried to script the whole thing out, while doing my own illustrations. It was incredibly difficult and I ended up giving up halfway through, because I didn't know how to proceed with it. The people that put their time into creating comics deserve a lot of praise. Sure, not all concepts are brand new, but if someone comes up with something cool and wants to turn it into something they can be proud of, they totally should. That doubles for just normal authors. Writing is really hard work, especially if you're afraid of criticism or anything like that. I'd just give those people prizes for submitting their work because it's really scary not knowing it the people reading your work will like it or completely hate it. Props to DVC for acknowledging that.


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