Pakistani Dave Brubeck

I almost clicked by the title "Pakistani Musicians Play Dave Brubeck's Take Five", but then curiosity got the better of me -- and am I glad. Take a listen:

Sitars? Tabla drums? Violins? What?

The Guardian featured the group in a recent article saying,
The Sachal Studios Orchestra was created by Izzat Majeed, a philanthropist based in London. When Pakistan fell under the dictatorship of General Zia-ul-Haq during the 1980s, Pakistan’s classical music scene fell on hard times. Many musicians were forced into professions they had never imagined — selling clothes, electrical parts, vegetables, etc. Whatever was necessary to get by. Today, many of these musicians have come together in a 60-person orchestra that plays in a state-of-the-art studio, designed partly by Abbey Road sound engineers.

So while we are all so busy trying to get through school, remember you have a long life ahead of you and you need to do something besides work...maybe playing music.

What do you do for fun?


  1. For fun I love to ride horses but when I am not able to do that, I spend time with my animals that I have at home. I have two dogs that always need attention and love walks around the block and going to the park.I also have two birds that take up a lot of time (which I don't mind). But besides that I like to watch movies and take walks. Simple and cheap are always fun for me!

  2. This is very interesting. It's amazing what these guys would do to continue their music! I love music but am not that passionate to the extent where I would get a job to pursue it. But I would do that to help a friend or family member. They are my passion. That is something I would go a long way to protect or help. I would do anything for my best friend Annie or any one of my family members. I also like to tan in my backyard by the pool, go on walks anywhere, and movie nights with my sisters. :)

  3. It was interesting to see that they were still able to take the time out to do what they enjoyed doing. Alot of people would probably choose to work rather than continue doing what they love. If I had the opportunity to continue something that I love rather than work, it would probably be softball.

  4. I love this song! It was so cool to see a different "take" on this popular jazz tune, making it cultural and orchestral. I especially liked the use of sitar and percussion. Playing/making music is the main thing I like to for fun. I've been playing piano for years, so if I want to spend time away from the busy, stressful, school life, I just hop on the piano and play my troubles away. Music is becoming my life, so seeing an inspiring arrangement like this is definitely encouraging. I also compose music in a similar fashion - taking classic songs and changing the style of it to make it interesting. Whatever I do in my spare time, I usually do it for the sake of my future (like playing music), so in a way, I'm still being productive as I would be in school.

  5. Christian ArroyoJune 6, 2013 at 9:20 PM

    I have never heard of this song in my entire life, but it was good. The musicians seemed to be really enjoying themselves, especially the guy who was playing the bongos (or whatever those things were haha). The sitar was a nice addition to the song. It added that "middle eastern" sound that I have heard in other music from that region. I was not expecting someone to play the classical guitar though. It was an excellent and unexpected addition to the song. As a fellow guitar player I can tell that it was well played.


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