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Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture (, realized he didn't give his last lecture because he wanted to. He gave it because he "had to."
Like Spiderman, Paush believes "with great power, comes great responsibility." As you read the final chapters of The Last Lecture, how would you describe the legacy or message left by Randy Pausch?


  1. I would describe the legacy or message of
    Randy Pausch as his last will and testament. He had to do this not just for other people, it was for his kids. It was about how to lead your life to achieve your dreams. Like what Pausch did, he lead his life the right way that's why he achieved his childhood dream.

  2. I would describe Pausch's lecture or legacy as a memory for his collegues, wife, and kids. Most importantly the lecture was for his kids because when they get older they will be able to know who their father was. The Last Lecture is perfect for his kids to know who their father was. Pausch talks about his past life experiences from his childhood to going through adulthood.

  3. I would describe Pausch's lecture as a message to his kids and wife. When his kids grow up he won’t be able to be there to teach them things in life. When the kids get older they can read the book and understand that their father loved them and learn the lessons that he wanted to teach them in life. Jai knows that having this book she will not have to try to teach the kids the lessons that Randy would want the kids to learn in their life.

  4. Randy Pausch's last lecture can be described as a message for everyone who reads it, but mainly for his children. Those who read it will learn to over come brick walls and follow their dreams. As for his children, they wont grow up with a father. His last lecture will help his children know who their father was and teach them the lessons he wont be able to.

  5. The message that Randy Pausch left said to not lose sight of what one has dreams of and to have fun while one is trying to chase these childhood dreams. The message yes was for his kids, but also in a general for everybody who listens to his lecture. The reason why he might have picked this topic is because sometimes people forget the big picture and lose sight of what is important or give up along the way because of obstacles that crossed their path.


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