Not Just For Nerds?

"The inherent danger of dealing with strangers is one of the major reasons that online dating has been looked down on" (RC,WW 423), but according to Joshua Slick, the author of "Not Just For Nerds Anymore," this has been largely overcome due to "online ratings and review systems" and "'reputation-management systems'" available at online cites like TrueDater and Opinity. He cites a USA Today article asserting that "technology has made anonymity a thing of the past" (RC,WW 424) meaning online daters "can find out virtually anything about anyone without ever leaving . . . home" (RC,WW 424).

Do you feel that Slick overcomes his readers' objection to online dating and agree that cyber dating is safe and "just as viable for meeting people as going to church or bars" (RC,WW 424)? If so, why? If not, why not? Have you ever gone on a date with someone you met online?


  1. I think Slick did overcome some of his readers' objection to online dating because he made it sound safe by proving points bout how technology is so useful now and is a high demand now a days. He said you can find informations and things online instead of going out the house because you can find information online for background checks or even check your credit reports and many other things. I wouldnt exactly agree with him bout cyber dating is safe though because some people are just psychos and can still give false information online and be someone else like on myspace,facebook, etc so i guess there's always identity thieft too.

  2. I believe the answer should be yes and no. The reason for this is because you can meet very interesting genuine individuals on online dating services. But beware that some are predators and i believe all they would want is to sexual attack and abuse the person. It isn't like meeting someone in church but it can relatively relate to bars.

  3. I agree with the first comment about cyber dating. I wouldn't exactly agree with it being safe because anything that has to do with online dating is dangerous. Technology is so advanced now a days that people have found ways to post false information on the internet. I believe Slick did overcome some of his readers objections by persuading readers with many positive examples, but however i think he should also be honest with his readers and warn them of the negative crisis that can occur.

  4. I think that he did somewhat overcome his reader's about cyber dating. He showed the positive sides of what can happen when one will try out a dating site in the internet. He did not, however, showed the negative sides of cyber dating. The negative side can be that the person is not the one they seem to portray. Many can change their personalities in the internet for a stranger will not know who they truly are. There are stalkers, predators, and sexual offenders in the internet that would only want to harm their innocent victims. Personally, I would not want to date anyone I met online. I would not trust them because I wouldn't know if that is who they truly are or they are portraying someone else. In these kind of situations, things can go wrong for the innocent victim.

  5. Online dating is common practice nowadays,there are over 1000 dating websites and the industry generates tons of money! Just like everything new, they were many people skeptical and would look at the negative rather than the positive. Bringing the security issue is one of them, I agree that "dating" someone you only "met" online is risky but how different is it from talking to a stranger at the bar? Is it the fact that we don't necessarily get a real visual? the fact that we use our prejudgment a little less? As the author mentioned we leave less and less private space in our world as we are for the younger generation constantly revealing "ourselves" with social media, it is normal to "google" somebody to try to find out about the person. So dating online gives you more opportunity to search the person and find out things than when you are directly exposed to them in bar for instance.
    I would agree that there is always a risk of getting in touch with risky people but I don't think the odds are greater online than they are in real life.

  6. I feel that Slick overcomes his readers' objection to online dating and saying that cyber dating is safe and "just as viable for meeting people as going to church or bars " because it is true that you can see a lot of things about a person online, due to all the social media that we have right know, but is like everything you can just know that is true if you see it. I believe that dating is an art, and its good to have many tools or options that help us to make it right, but we need more than visual information. On the other hand it is a game 50-50, because we don't know if what we see it is true even thought that our technology today keep like a record or what we do, but just keep what we want to show. So, no I don't think that date online is safe, I will use the internet and social media like an introduction but I will not stay just there.

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