Educating Afghanistan's Girls

Mortenson encounters Zahir Shah (Afghanistan's former king) and tells the Shah about his hope to open girls' schools in Afghanistan. The Shah, in turn, refers Mortenson to Sadhar Khan. Mortenson hires a jeep, and after escaping a mine field and a shoot out between opium smugglers, finally finds Sadhar Khan. The "mujahadeen shouted with joy and wrapped the startled American in an embrace.

"Yes! Yes! You're Dr. Greg! My comandhan Abdul Rashid has told me about you. This is incredible . . . The Khan catalogued a sea of schoolless girls, far more vast than anything Morteson had imagined" (Mortenson and Relin 329-330).

From what you've read in Three Cups of Tea do you think Mortenson will be as successful in Afghanistan as he was in Pakistan? Why or Why not?


  1. Afghanistan is known as the mother land of terrorism. People in Afghanistan has suffered more violent than the Pakistani people. For the afghanistan people, they have never thought of sending their children to school because they don't even have enough money to support their family. In my opinion, Mortenson will have harder time to build schools in Afghanistan than in Pakistan. Most people in Afghanistan are illiterate and they want to get money instantly so they choose to be a martyr or soldier.

  2. I do not think that Mortenson will be successful in building schools in Afghanistan because they have a very strict culture they most often do not let young girls out of the house, building schools and having them go there is far out of the question.Pakistan is starting to look for a brighter future for the coming generation therefore they are starting to accept the fact that it is important for young girls to go to school and to attend the education to be successful. In Afghanistan its different i think they are thinking that girls don't need education they are just going to sit home and do all the housework. It's very important that Mortenson convinces them to start building schools there as well because without education there is nothing


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