Empowering Women in Central Asia

Greg Mortenson's focus for the CAI is empowering girls through education. On a trip to Korphe, the reporter who accompanies Mortenson is amazed by the pluck of Jahan, a young woman educated in Korphe's school. "Here comes this teenage girl, in the center of a conservative Islamic village, waltzing into a circle of men, breaking through about sixteen layers of traditions at once: She had graduated from school and was the first educated woman in a valley of three thousand people. She didn't defer to anyone, sat down right in front of Greg [Mortenson], and handed him the product of the revolutionary skills she'd acquired--a proposal, in English, to better herself, and improve the life of her village" (Mortenson and Relin 300).

One of the themes of Three Cups of Tea is that education can solve the problem of terrorism. "[T]error doesn't happen because some group of people somewhere like Pakistan or Afghanistan simply decide to hate us. It happens because children aren't being offered a bright enough future that they have a reason to choose life over death" (Mortenson and Relin 292).

Do you, like Mortenson, believe the key to stopping terrorism lies in the revolutionary idea of educating Islamic women? Why or why not.


  1. I agree with Mortenson that the only way to stop terrorism is to educate Islamic women. Women has important role to educate the young generation. As mothers, women need to be educated so that they can educate their children. Educated mothers will be able to find jobs to help her husband supporting family's life. Educated mothers are also able to educate their children. Once the young generation is enlightened, they won't choose to do jihad(die as martyr)


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