Persistence Trumps Talent

How can persistence trump talent?

Talent alone won't get the job done and for some people, work will out do talent. But if you never try you'll never know! As college students, you are going to have to be persistent to gain the talent you will need to succeed at your career goals. Great musicians, artists, and authors may be born, but they won't get anywhere if they do not practice a lot.

Is there a time in your life when you succeeded because of your persistence, rather than your talent? Explain.


  1. I think in order to be successful and achieve what you please, you need to be persistence to drive your talent in the right direction. I believe 99.9% of my success in school and my overall achievements are from my persistence and patience. Some people are lucky enough to achieve the impossible without persistence but without it there is no flavor to the reward you gain. I know I feel the difficulties of every task because I use patience,and continue with my task, even if I want to give up.

  2. I think persistence is definitely an important aspect in being successful at just about anything. A lot of people have pure talent, but nothing will be done if they aren't persistent about it. Growing up I was a little on the chubby side, and when I got to high school I decided to change that, the first two years I wasn't as persistent as I could have been, but my last two years I dedicated a huge amount of my time on losing weight. I was exactly where I wanted to be by the end of my senior year. Coming to college changed it a little bit, but I'm starting to go back to my workout now when I'm not busy with school.
    When you're that dedicated and persistent to something, it's results are very rewarding.

  3. i definitely feel that persistence trumps talent in most situation. as long as you keep working for something, you will eventually accomplish it. persistence is also the main way that talent for something develops. i think that very few people are born with natural talents and have instead keep working at their field of choice and over time became good at it. you should never get discouraged from doing something just because you think you will fail. if you are really worried and certain that you will fail, then practice that activity in private where no one can see you. as long as you stay dedicated to your cause and persistent, you will not fail in life.

  4. I feel as if persistence is needed to achieve anything in life. Talent is only achieved with the persistence of wanting to be better. Better then the person who's doing the same thing. Persistence is how I was able to get a job, graduate high school, or pass my classes in college. The drive to finish something or do something. To be able to work for something is not only rewarding but the feeling of "I am able to achieve something" lingers in the person's mind while they achieve greater.

  5. If you want to stand out among the crowd, it takes heart. NBA Players don't become professional ball players because they are good, it's because they showed more persistence, determination, and heart then the rest. A millionaire does not receive a million dollar check in the mail just for being a good business man. He gets that check by trying his best and showing the determination. I was captain of my eighth grade basketball team, and going in to high school I wanted to show my coach that I had the qualities to lead the team. But being a freshman on a varsity team, I did not have any seniority. I had to show my coach I could do it. After trying my best in practice, and doing well in games because of it, I was able to get on the starting 5. I did this same thing my sophomore year, and played both junior varsity and varsity. I was able to achieve the role of being captain for the junior varsity team, but my goal was to be captain of the varsity team. So I didn't give up. My junior year, my school got a new coach, and I had to start all over again and prove to the new coach I was captain material. Because of my hard work, I was captain of the varsity team for my last two years of high school. Not only did my hard work make me captain of the team, but all of the hours I spent practicing to achieve that role also improved my skill. I was always taught to try my best, and that if you want something bad enough, you have to work for it.

  6. Persistence most definitely out wits talent. Of course, people are born with natural talents, but as the post says you'll never figure out your strong points if you don't try. It sound cheesy but if someone has the mind set of never giving up than they can honestly accomplish whatever they please. This works since, obviously, the person does not give in to any challenge they come across, no matter how much they fail. But, failure is key to success. Failure shows what you have done wrong, thus a person is able to evaluate their mistakes and figure out what they can do better. Through this process and a lot of hard work a person can develop the skills they require to be considered talented.

  7. Persistence is key in today's society. I understand that in order to succeed at whatever you're doing, you have to stay persistent or else you will not see the results you want. A time when I was persistent at achieving a goal was when I was getting back into school. I had several courses that I needed to complete and with a C or better in order to be reinstated. Everyday I came home and I just focused on my school work and I really took the time to understand everything in order for me to complete the assignment correctly. Once the end of the semester was done, I received the grades I needed and better and I was back in school before I knew it. My drive was so strong that once I got reinstated for that first quarter, I looked up and saw that I made the Honor's List. Now I was shocked especially with everything that was going on in my life. It felt good to just see all my hard work pay off.

  8. Throughout high school, I was able to procrastinate and still maintain good grades. When I entered college, I still procrastinated and ended up getting C's in a lot of my classes. I did not have the mindset of a college student yet and this was definitely a wake up call for me. It wasn't until my last quarter that I decided to be persistent and actually put the effort into getting good grades. This is where I realized that if I truly want to pursue the career I want, I have to take that extra mile and work for it. I was always the type of person to do my assignments or study last minute and still get an A but that was not the case for me in college. Now I currently have A's in all my classes and even understand the material because I spend more time on studying than going out. My freshman year was the year I actually seen myself grow and build the persistence I needed in order to be successful in my future.


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