A Short History of Visual Communication

In argumentation, warrants or assumptions can be a tricky concept for readers and writers to grasp.

Claims are supported by evidence and warrants – those underlying beliefs or values taken for granted by bloggers, advertisers, politicians, and writers. Assumptions can come from cultural values, biological or scientific beliefs, intellectual (logical) tenets, or idiosyncratic viewpoints. In writing and visual communication some warrants (or assumptions) are explicit, but most are implied and your understanding of texts, both visual and written, relies heavily on your beliefs.

So having said all that - What does this strip remind you of?

What are some of the underlying warrants or assumptions of this strip?

Since comics often present information in a humorous way, what do you need to know in order to get the joke about visual communication? What is the joke?

The author seems to be making a prediction, what is it? Do you agree or disagree?

Is there anything, or any step, missing from this strip? If so, What?


  1. I couldn't figure out what this strip reminds me of, it's only just pictures with no words. I couldn't find this comic humorous because of my autism. I agree about the prediction the author is giving us, the last frame could be a new technology.

  2. It’s interesting from where humans started off communicating on rocks with pictures. As time goes by the way of reviving information changes through books and into extreme technology were people might end up with wires sticking out of their head to communicate telepathically.

  3. This strip reminds me of how ideological we are, what I mean by that is, we presume and imagine things that may occur in the future such as having antennae in one’s head when in reality who knows if we may even be alive to see it. We somehow believe because we have made advancements in technology, that we will continue making more, but who really knows? I certainly don’t claim to know what it is will happen in the future or even try to make assumptions about a future I will unlikely be a part of, say like 100 plus years from now. -------->yours Elena

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